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Renting a Car on your Barbados Vacation

If you are planning a Barbados vacation, you should research Barbados car rental information so that once you arrive to the island, you have the freedom and luxury of exploring the tropical paradise at your own leisure. Barbados includes approximately nine hundred ninety miles of paved roads that are accessible to the public. There are beautiful historical roads, upbeat modern roads and roads that display the best of this tropical paradise. While it is true that there are many different types of transportation available to those that elect to vacation in Barbados, such as public transit systems, taxi cabs and shuttles, if you want to make the most of your Barbados vacation, you should consider renting a vehicle so that you are able to explore the region at your leisure, totally uninhibited by the schedules and fares associated with other types of transportation.

When searching for car rentals in Barbados, it is important to understand that traffic drives to the left – not to the right like that in the United States. On minor roadways, the speed limit averages approximately thirty seven miles per hour. On major roadways, the speed limit averages approximately fifty five miles per hour. It is crucial that you pay close attention to the speed limits, the type of roadway that you are driving on and any other types of signs that post important information about what is expected while driving. There are many different Barbados car rental companies around the island that provide you with the opportunity to obtain a standard car, a SUV, a truck, a van and other types of motor vehicles. You should research each company and determine which is the closet to where you have made accommodations and which offers the best rates.

Examples of the available car rental companies include the following:

  • Sunny Isle Sixt
  • Direct Cars Rentals, Ltd.
  • Express Rent A Car
  • Chelsea Motors
  • Top Rental Cars
  • Venture Car Rentals
  • Coconut Car Rentals
  • Executive Rentals

When renting a car in Barbados, you will need to arrange for a local driving permit as this is a mandatory requirement of all guests to the island. By talking to the rental company, you will likely find that they have the capability to make this arrangement for you. In addition to this, the car rental company may provide you with a complimentary map of the island as well as complimentary services such as delivering the vehicle that you choose to your hotel. With just a little research, you are sure to discover a car rental service that provides you with the services and amenities that you need to make the most of your Barbados vacation.

Sandy Rhodes is a travel enthusiast and highly reccomends taking a Barbados Vacation.

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