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How To Make Professional Posters For Work and Home

Posters can serve as signs and advertisements, or they can be used as decorative art in a home or office setting. While you can hire a graphic designer to create posters for your work or home, it is also a fairly straightforward project to create your own. Whether your goal is develop professional advertisements for products or services your business offers, or you want to create one of a kind posters for your home that can be framed as artwork, you should begin by learning a bit about graphics software.

Paint and Art Rage

There are some basic programs like Microsoft Paint that enable the user to draw and paint, as well as bring in images that have been saved, such as photographs and clip art. However, the tools in Paint are very limited unless you want a very simple poster without effects. Art Rage is a bit more advanced, but it shouldn’t take long for you to understand how to use the tools available to you in this program.

Photoshop and GIMP

More professional level software is also available, either for sale and free. Photoshop allows users to create highly professional looking posters that can be saved and printed through printing services. However, Photoshop comes with a price tag that might be a bit steep for many. GIMP, on the other hand, is freeware that is extremely similar in its capabilities to Photoshop, through you will need to read through the tutorials before you begin to design posters.


For creating a professional looking poster, you should begin by brainstorming ideas. You may even want to sketch out these ideas on paper until you are satisfied with the concept. For example, you may want to create a montage of family photos around a seasonal theme. In this case, look for public domain clip art or take photos of things that fit within the context of your theme, For example, to create a summer theme, use images of beach chairs, sand dollars and seagulls intermingled with your family photos. The exact same approach can be used to develop a sales poster for the summer season, except that you would place information about the products or services your business offers along side images.

Professional poster printing requires large, high quality printing equipment. This is why, once you have finished your design, you should save it to a CD and hire a company that provides printing services to produce your posters. The resulting poster will be far more impressive than anything you might try to print out yourself.

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