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Knockout Game Is NOT A Game

Cute, Hot and Sweet Guy - Hooded BoyBullying has long been a problem in the United States for school children. Kids pick on other kids who look different, dress differently, and for many other baseless reasons. The latest trend in teen violence seems to be directed at random victims, though. The “knockout game” as it is called, is anything but a game. It is a violent or even deadly act in which a person walking down the street punches an unsuspecting victim in an attempt to knock him or her out cold.

A Disturbing Trend

According to one report, this random act of violence has occurred in several major cities across the United States. In many cases, a group of teenage or young adult boys or girls walk down the street and dare each other to sucker punch a victim in an attempt to knock him out with just one punch. Video footage from surveillance cameras in New York City and other cities where this crime has occurred shows evidence of this horrific act.

Who Are The Victims?

Men and women, young and old are being targeted. In some cases, it is a form of prejudice in which a specific ethnicity is the object of hate. In many cases, an individual is simply walking home from work, or heading to catch a train when they is knocked out cold, suffering serious injuries as a result. In one instance, an elderly woman who was standing on her front porch was struck when a group of teens walked by and punched her.

What You Can Do For Safety

Try visiting sites online, like www.devorelawoffice.com, if you have been personally injured from this horrible trend. If you live in a major city and typically walk from your car to the train, or from your home to your office, there are a few tips to keep in mind to help protect yourself from these senseless acts of violence:

1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Don’t get distracted talking on your cell phone. Pay attention to the people around you, including any conversations you may overhear. One victim of the knockout game said he heard a group of teenagers daring each other to attack him just minutes before one of the teens assaulted him and punched him in the side of the face.

2. Travel in pairs whenever possible. If you can find a commuting companion, you can help each other stay safe by walking together. If there are two of you, you may be less likely to become a victim because you are not as easy a target as when you are alone.

3. Cross the street to avoid potential danger. When you see a group of teens or young men coming your way, use common sense and cross the street before you are in close proximity – especially if you are walking alone.

Perhaps as a result of violence on television, violence in video games, and violence in the movies, teens and young adults today have a warped perception of reality when it comes to committing a crime. Perhaps they are not aware of the consequences they could face as a result of inflicting pain on another human being, for apparently no other reason than “for fun.” Take every precaution to protect yourself, and if you witness a random violent act, report it to authorities.

Always advising others to be aware of their surroundings, Nadine Swayne brings this troubling trend to light. If you have been a victim of the horrific act of “the knockout game”, research your options and contact an attorney, found on sites like www.devorelawoffice.com, to plan your next course of action to defend your rights.

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