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How Live Coverage Of Big Events Like The Olympics NHL and Wimbledon Work



How The Olympics Are Streamed To You

Ever wondered how some of these really big events like the Olympics get streamed to millions of users at a time? It is no mystery and there are major brands behind it that make it all possible. Even if you have a super powerful server that is letting people connect to the live source, how do you get the video to stream to everybody and fast? A lot of work goes into making sure that fiber optic connections have a very fast speed and what we in the tech world call a lag. Namely brands like TeliaSonera have cables underneath the ground that have helped the Olympics, the NHL and Wimbledon stream live from their events. In fact for the London 2012 Olympics, TeliaSonera was the carrier of choice to help bring these live streams to users for over 13 broadcast networks. These underground fiberoptic cables that carry the signals also have to be very high-capacity because they need to carry that same signal to hundreds of thousands or millions of people, concurrently.

With that in mind,  you have to also consider how do these types of brands make sure that everything stays up and that the feed does not go down? TeliaSonera already thought ahead and made two different routes with their cables a blue and a red that are geographically completely separate so that should anything go wrong with one cable that the other is still fine and carrying the signal to potential users. Major broadcast companies and firms utilize TeliaSonera so that they can protect their livestream from going down. In fact they also connect to 200 different places of presence also known as PoP’s across the world so that things always stay up. 

Learn more about brands like TeliaSonera on their website: http://www.teliasonera.com/

Check out the video below to see more about the future uses of these high-speed internet connections!


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