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The Different Types of Shoes Every Man Should Own

What good is a great suit without the right shoe? And what is a cowboy without his boots? The different types of shoes every man should own varies depending on his lifestyle. Besides fashion, having the right shoe for the right job will keep your feet protected and healthy.

Sneakers for Casual Days and Comfort

Most of us prefer to have a few sneakers in our closet. Not only are they necessary for exercising, but they’re also great for comfort.

Choose a workout sneaker according to your favorite form of exercise. Running shoes are great for running but aren’t the best choice for walking on an indoor track. If you enjoy a variety of exercises, a cross-trainer might be a good fit, along with a few other options.

Weekends call for your comfiest sneakers just for hanging out in the backyard, working around the house, or strolling through the neighborhood. In this case, nothing can beat your favorite worn out, old sneaker. Whatever your casual needs are, sneakers have your feet covered.

Every Man Needs a Good Pair of Boots

You may be surprised how many types of boots are on the market. Some, such as steel-toed boots, are designed with safety and protection in mind, while others are for fashion. Think about the ways you might like to incorporate a boot into your life and go from there.

Boots, such as cowboy boots and hiking boots, were originally designed with a purpose in mind. Cowboys still exist, which is awesome, and their boots are still serving them well, and hikers still hike. However, today, cowboy boots and hiking boots are often used to dress up a pair of jeans, giving a man a put-together yet casual look.

The Chelsea, which is a suede slip-on, and the brogue, a leather boot with intricate detail, can both be worn casually or for an evening out.

Choose your boot, and stock your closet!

Dressing up With Dress Shoes

The last thing any man needs is to get ready for the day and realize he doesn’t have the proper dress shoe. They say that the shoe makes the man. In other words, your suit may be perfect, but your shoes tell all. A casual shoe will seldom succeed at replacing your dress shoe. You truly can’t go wrong with a classic Oxford or a loafer to complement your business suit, sport coat, or even a nice sweater and jeans. It is best to keep both black and brown dress shoes on hand.

Every man is different, and the different types of shoes every man should own are truly up to each man. Cost, style preference, and needs should all be considered. Men’s shoes can be expensive, but you don’t want to skimp. When chosen wisely, a great pair of sneakers, boots, or dress shoes will give you years of use and satisfaction.


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