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Things You Should Never Say to a Guy

Dating is hard. Every one knows it and college students have to deal with it all of the time. Although of course it can be fun, many times it is also just really frustrating. I think one of the reasons why is because girls often say things to boys that completely offset any chance of a relationship. This is for all the girls out there who don’t want to send a boy they are interested in, running in the opposite direction. These are things that guys really do not want to hear so ladies, try to eliminate these phrases from your conversations.

“You’re like my brother!”

If you say this to a guy, you are basically saying that you are about as physically attracted to them as you are with your brother. No guy wants to hear that. Although you might say it in a playful and uncondescending tone, a guy will still take it in a negative way. No male on this planet wants to be seen by their crush as their brother. It ruins all chances of a romantic relationship.

“Our kids would be adorable!”

This is a for sure way to send a guy running in an instant. Guys are very cautious about commitment. If a guy does really like you and is in a relationship with you, that is great. Don’t go scaring them with talk about kids. Especially in college, guys are usually not ready for children anytime soon. Wait for that conversation until after you have been together for a lot longer.

“My ex boyfriend…”

It doesn’t matter how you start or finish this sentence, no guy wants to hear about your ex boyfriend. If he even thinks that your ex is on your mind, he will not be happy. That can instantly ruin a relationship. Keep your ex relationships out of your new one. Every relationship is different and it shouldn’t be affected by how your last one went.

“Will you hold my purse?”

No guy likes to be considered “whipped.” Being whipped means that you will drop everything for someone else no matter what it is. No guy likes to be considered his girl’s mule. Carry your own purse. Don’t make your guy do it. It will just lower their sense of power and manliness. They need something to hold onto while they are in a relationship. If you keep asking your boyfriend to carry around your stuff, you are just going to frustrate him.

“You are my best guy friend.”

If a guy is seriously crushing on you, they don’t want to hear that you and him are best friends. For girls, being best friends with a guy might lead to something more. For guys, being “best friends” with a girl means that you are forever stuck in the friend zone with her and that you will never ever get a chance. Girls, just be honest and tell a guy how you really feel instead of telling him you are best friends.


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