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Tips on Finding a New Home that Fits Perfectly

boxesTips on Finding a New Home that Fits Perfectly

When the time comes that a couple is ready to buy a new home, there are things that each person feels are essential. Working on the list of essentials together will narrow the field of available houses to the few that fit the criteria.

Floor Plans

Starting with the layout of the home, couples should discuss whether they want a large kitchen with lots of food preparation surfaces and new appliances, or if a smaller kitchen will leave them more space for other parts of the house. The same is true of rooms for relaxing, whether it is a reading room, a family room with an entertainment center, or a more formal living room. Trading space with other rooms can help minimize paying for more square footage than is desired. The couple should also discuss privacy issues. For example, should the master bedroom be set apart from the children’s rooms? For those who work from home, serious consideration needs to be given to office space and the technology a home office will require. The kitchen table may sound like a good idea when the negotiating starts, but in the long run, it will become an eyesore and a probable bone of contention. Other floor plan considerations are the locations and sizes of the utility room, garage, and bathrooms. It is far better to discuss these ideas beforehand so a realtor can sift through her listings to find the best possible fit.

Cabinets, Closets, and Storage

Buying too much storage space is not a good idea, but neither is buying too little. One of the best values for storage is attic space that has a plywood floor where boxes and keepsakes can be stored. Garages are safe for keeping items that do not need to be kept in conditioned air space. For the family that cooks at home, especially those with a touch of gourmet talent, cabinet and pantry space is essential. Buying too little space may force an alteration of a couple’s lifestyle and will be less satisfying.

Floors and Finishes

When the discussion turns to how they want the finished home to look, nothing is more important than what kind of flooring choices each one prefers, whether it is wood, ceramic or vinyl tile, or concrete that is stained or polished. Countertops in the kitchen, bathrooms, and vanities, should be carefully chosen for finishes that will last and be easy to maintain. Keeping in mind the pets, the children, and the more formal guests who will be invited over for dinner, the couple should choose the finishes carefully. These are the things that make a home a showcase for others to enjoy as well.

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