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Wildlife Adventures for Your Next Family Vacation

With your family opting for a bit of adventure while on vacation, not to mention their demands to record the entire season of Shark Week and insist upon frequent trips to the zoo, it’s no surprise that wildlife tourism is at an all time high. It might be an opportune time to bring your children’s Animal Planet dreams a reality and introduce them to the awes and wonder of wildlife. Not only will this impress your kids, but also most international tourism income will go to helping protect endangered species and habitats so you will actually be benefiting the wildlife from extinction.

Galapagos – Charles Darwin recognized the abundant wildlife found on the Galapagos islands, and now so can you! While on a Galapagos tour, you can expect to witness firsthand the variety of reptiles only found in the Galapagos, such as the the marine iguana and the giant tortoise. Additionally, for bird enthusiasts, almost ninty percent of the bird population is endemic and create an opportunity to view landbirds not seen anywhere else in the world! Other birds include the Galapagos penguin, the flightless cormorant and the elegant tailed gull. Last but not least, the Galapagos Marine Reserve offers visitors the chance to see sea lions, seals, bonefish, sharks and rays. Galapagos tours are perfect to witness first hand each of these unique ecosystems housed throughout the Galapagos.

Alaska – The wildlife in Alaska attracts many vacationers from the world over to see up close the unique and diverse wildlife only found in arctic conditions and homes of ice and water. Some major attractions in Alaska include glaciers of massive proportions, killer whales, humpback whales, sea lions and seals.

San Diego – Jam-packed with animal parks, San Diego is the perfect local destination to get a taste of otherwise impossible to witness encounters. Between Sea World and the San Diego Zoo or the Wild Animal Park, you can view everything from sea mammals to tigers roaming in their natural surroundings. The Wild Animal Park hosts 1,800 acres and over 3,500 animals sustained in conditions that replicate their natural habitats. Your family can see up close free-roaming endangered California Condors, cheetahs, giraffes, lions and elephants.

South Africa – An African safari is the ultimate wildlife experience. Boasting 7,332 square miles, The Kruger National Park in South Africa is the largest game reserve in South Africa and is home to buffalo, leopards, elephants (over 11,000!), lions, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, cheetahs and zebras, just to name a few. Africa safari tours offer a glimpse into the diverse culture and population inhabiting the giant plains. Other attractions in South Africa include Cape Town and winelands, the sand dunes in Namibia, beaches in Mozambique, and the Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe border.

Authored by Ashley Love, travel and animal enthusiast. For more information on Galapagos tours, visit GalapagosExplorer.com


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