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Young Adult Alcoholism: Is Binge Drinking to Blame?

Welcome to the ZooThe idea of college and drinking often go hand and hand. Early morning classes and late night parties are the things college days are made of for most students. But are students becoming overwhelmed with too much partying and not enough studying? Excessive drinking has been a problem for many years, but only recently have we began paying closer attention to this dangerous pastime.

The damage of binge drinking has touched many college towns, suburban communities, and city neighborhoods, alike. Young adults behaving badly now have a face, and that face is binge drinking. However, the definition of “binging” is often called into question. Images of the movie Animal House or The Hangover, often come to mind when one thinks of excessive intoxication; but that might not be as accurate a picture as we’ve been lead to believe.

What is Binge Drinking?

Although there is no worldwide accepted standard for how many drinks an individual needs to consume before they are considered to be binge drinking, common guidelines suggest that there is a slight differential between genders. According to these guidelines, if a woman drinks at least four alcoholic beverages, she is in the process of binge drinking. Men must consume five drinks before they hit this standard, and the amount of time that is allowed to pass between the first and last drink varies. However, if someone drinks to the point of intoxication, it is most likely going to be referred to as a binge drinking episode.

The Dangers of Binge Drinking

Although most cases of binge drinking simply make the individual ill, there are approximately 1,825 college students who die annually from drinking too much alcohol. Many of these students are found dead in their bed after a night of partying, but some of them end up getting behind the wheel, and that puts countless other lives in danger.

Two freshmen at San Diego State were among the annual casualties a few years ago after they left a night of partying at the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity house. The two men both died when one of them crashed the pickup truck they were traveling in. Sadly, cases like this are more common than most people would like to admit.

Welcome to the ZooEffects of a College DUI 

Even if an individual is able to avoid getting into an accident while they are driving after a binge drinking episode, the odds are high that they will be pulled over. A DUI can cause a college student a long list of financial and personal issues, and some colleges will even expel them for breaking the school’s code of conduct.

Most college towns are also populated with law offices that are dedicated to defending individuals charged with DUI’s because university drinking is so common. For instance, the state of Florida is the spring break haven of the America. With that said an increase of DUI charges have accompanied this particular season. Putting in a call to a Tampa DUI attorney or a Panama City defense lawyer is often the best course of action when faced with this ill-fated predicament.

It is important to discuss the issues that binge drinking can cause at an early age. In other words, if you have children, you should start talking to them about the dangers of alcohol well before you believe they are old enough to start drinking. Keep in mind that there are also numerous statistics of high school students who die each year as a result of this travesty.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and mother of two college students. David Katz of Katz and Phillips P.A., is a Tampa DUI attorney and principle partner who was formerly head DUI prosecutor in Seminole County and works tirelessly to defend the rights of clients arrested for unlawful intoxication while driving.


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