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Military Hazing Rituals: A Common Occurrence

Soldiers re-enlist at U.S. CapitolAlthough high-ranking officials deny it and say these practices are prohibited and punishable, unofficial “blood pinning” ceremonies still take place today in every branch of the United State military. Soldiers speaking on terms of anonymity have told reporters that each time someone in the military is promoted, they endure the hazing of a blood pinning ceremony. This means that the backs of the pins signifying their rank are removed and fellow soldiers punch the pins through the uniforms of their colleagues, drawing blood as the pins puncture the skin.

Military officials do not officially recognize these initiation rituals, nor are they recognized as false claims. Senior military personnel say that they have a zero tolerance policy for any type of hazing, but lower ranking soldiers say that these rituals happen every day without punishment. Many of them endure the hazing so as not to be ridiculed by fellow soldiers.

This type of evidence is proof that even adults succumb to peer pressure. Any type of hazing, whether it involves military personnel or college fraternities, is a form of humiliation and violence and should not be tolerated.

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