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Major Photography Trends in 2013

photographyAs the landscape of technology changes, so does the landscape of photography. This has always been the case, ever since the very first apparatus for capturing images on celluloid was created. Of course since the advent of digital photography new camera models have been released at an exponential rate on a seemingly weekly basis. That’s why it’s important for photographers to always stay abreast of modern trends – especially in an age where technology and photography are more entwined than ever.

With that in mind, it’s time to focus on 2013 in order to see what changes the coming year will bring to the world of photography. It looks like there are a handful of trends that will have a major impact on photographers throughout the world.


Lens makers everywhere have jumped on the video bandwagon and are now producing versions with the silent electronic zooms found in video cameras. Still photographers needn’t worry, as these new lenses also come equipped with manual zoom controls. And of course new technology allows manufacturers to produce lenses that are smaller, lighter and much more versatile than past models.

While the quality of the glass elements of a lens can’t be understated, mechanics and electronics play a crucial role as well. This is particularly true with zoom lenses. The fundamentals of  a lens’ relationship to the camera may never change, but new technology – such as contrast-based autofocus – have heightened the way lenses communicate with the body of the camera.


Look out for not only new sensor models, but new sensor designs and formats as well. All of these elements will conspire to produce an item that offers higher resolution and less noise. And improvements in manufacturing mean these next-gen sensors can be had at a comparable price to today’s models.

It’s generally understood that the bigger the imaging sensor, the better the resolution and less noise. These new sensors provide all of the hallmarks of larger sensors – less noise, more resolving power, quicker data readout – but it can do so on a smaller scale. It’s advances in the manufacturing that allows for more quality sensors to be applied to compact cameras.


This isn’t exactly a new idea. Ever since the introduction of Kodak’s EasyShare One in 2005, cameras have steadily moved in the direction of wireless connectivity. But 2013 will see a huge surge in point-and-shoot cameras with a wireless option in order to meet public demand. The key for manufacturers was in making it as easy as possible for camera owners to share their photos with friends and family. That’s why manufacturers began focusing on smartphones and tablets. Because it’s through these mediums that the majority of people today share their pictures.

The idea is straightforward: use a Wi-Fi connection to allow the user to transfer images from the camera to the smartphone. From there the user can upload those same photos to social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Of course this process has been facilitated with the advent of certain apps like CameraWindow for the iPhone. Samsung even has a remote viewfinder app that lets users control their cameras remotely. The smartphone or tablet controlling the procedure then acts as a finder and image frame. The user can then back up the photos on a cloud-based service.

These are just a few of the major trends taking the photography world by storm. What they all have in common is that advances in technology and manufacturing inform them. Bringing the photographer the products of the future at the prices of today is the major trend to expect in 2013.

Ken McDonald is a photography enthusiast who loves everything about digital cameras. Self confessed camera addict who has way too many camera lenses and photography accessories.

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