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5 Best Baby Product Inventions

The list of items your baby needs can seem endless and range from diapers and bottles to swings and bouncers. The following five items are some of the top rated products ever created to help entertain, stimulate, challenge and keep your baby happy.


1. Play Gyms

An essential part of your baby’s development is a play gym. This unique invention is instrumental in the mental, physical and emotional growth of your child. An infant’s play gym is an important learning tool where your child can practice a variety of activities that will nurture their brain. In addition to the various shapes and sounds of the toys, your infant will be able to see a variety of bright colors too. Mirrors on a play gym are another integral part and can make them giggle when they look at their reflections.

2. Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are the ideal necessity for hands-free parenting, but your infant is still close enough to snuggle with. The carriers come in a variety of colors and are designed by orthopedists to provide support to your infants back. Slings are just as creative and can be worn either tummy to tummy, cradle position or kangaroo style. This allows parents to work around the home and get things done while entertaining your child.

3. Bouncer Rockers

Bouncer rockers are a parents dream for their infants. This unique gadget can comfort and entertain your child while allowing parents a moment to breathe and regroup. The InGenuity brand rocker has received high remarks from parents for its creative design, comfort and safety. Your baby will love the cozy fabric, plush attachable toy rack and soothing melodies. Parents will also enjoy peace of mind with the rockers adjustable five point harness that will keep your infant safe and secure. Baby rockers have a soothing vibration that calms your child and lulls them to sleep. The canopy toy bar stimulates your toddler with a variety of colored objects, and the design folds back for easy access to your baby. Clean-up is a breeze with the machine washable seat pad.

Sleeping swinger - 101 days old 4. Baby Swings

An infant swing provides a safe and happy environment for your child with a soothing motion. The swings were created to rock your baby similar to that of a human’s rocking movements. The latest models come with an assortment of options to engage and entertain your infant such as lights, toys, music, sound effects and various speeds. Whether you use it to lull your child to sleep or entertain them when their awake, baby swings can free you up to accomplish other tasks.

5. ExerSaucer

The exersaucer is an extremely important item that you and your baby will love. Not only is it a great entertaining and interactive instrument; your infant will build strength, coordination and develop their motor skills through the various motions of jumping and playing. Depending on the model, your infant could experience up to 67 fun learning activities and a variety of sounds. Deciding what your baby needs can be difficult nowadays with the endless array of options on the market. However, the above five inventions are the top rated items parents won’t want to live without.

Anthony Joseph is a freelance writer who enjoys discussing a variety of different topics that affect our country, and contributes this particular article toward baby safety. The InGenuity™ brand transforms inventive technology and great ideas into products that ultimately make things easier for moms everywhere. InGenuity is just one of the innovative brands that have been developed by Kids II. Their team is driven to make a difference.

Photo Credit:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/yarhargoat/4484911375/, http://www.flickr.com/photos/jessicafm/359753077/

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