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5 Tips for a Long Distance Move

Moving home across town can be a long drawn out and complicated process, especially when it involves buying and selling a property and organising a new mortgage at the same time. And when you’re moving from one side of the country to the other, the whole procedure becomes rather more complex. Here are five tips to make the process a little easier.

Moving house

Understand the significance of the location

Legend tells you that moving home, getting married, changing job or having a baby are the most stressful times of your life and some people combine at least three of these at once. Nevertheless, when you try to move to a new location several hundred miles away, your stress levels will go through the roof, which is why scouting your location is extremely important.

When you move across town, your children can still go to the same school; your weekly shop can still be at the same superstore and your gym membership doesn’t have to change. Moving to a location so far away requires you to be extra sure about the part of the town you’re going to live in. Successful movers spend a lot of time investigating their new area to find out where the important locations are. Your new workplace and your children’s school will dramatically affect your lifestyle as will your choice of neighbourhood, local shops, restaurants and access to public transport.

Don’t move yourself; get the professionals in

It pays you both mentally and physically to appoint a professional moving company to help you pack and transfer your household goods to a distant location. When you move so far, the whole process will almost certainly not be completed on the same day.

Your body and those of your helpers may not be able to cope with the full packing and unpacking process and driving the long distance in between. Professional movers have vast experience in helping people move across the country.

Prepare your utility companies in advance

When you’re only moving a couple of miles away, although you should consider the best deals available for all of the potential utility companies, that might be a decision you would rather put off until after you arrive. For long-distance moves, you may not understand which companies are involved locally. Because you have so much on your mind with the whole moving process, you might accidentally sign up for a long-term deal with the wrong company and find yourself tied to a contract that you would rather not have.

Declutter before you move

Moving home always presents a great opportunity for you to declutter before unpacking in your new property. Many people fail to do this and end up taking a lot of unnecessary clutter and placing it direct into storage in the new home. When you’re talking about large distances, it is a waste of your time and that of your professional packers to box up goods for no reason. Decluttering early and selling items you no longer need on auction websites and locally, might raise the funds necessary to pay for your professional movers.

Service your vehicle

By servicing your vehicle two or three weeks before you move, you will know that it will be in pristine condition to take you to your new home. If you fail to act properly, your vehicle might let you down at the worst possible time. What could be worse than for you and your young children than to be stranded hundreds of miles from your new home, just as your professional movers are knocking on your front door to try to offload your household goods?

When you move long-distance it is worth taking the time to organise a plan to address all of these issues and keep the stress levels down.

Sharon writes for Removal Services Scotland who specialise in European removals.

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