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5 Common Personal Injury Claims Questions Answered


The personal injury claims business is not something that people tend to learn anything about unless they either watch a lot of television (you must have seen the informative adverts) or if you actually find yourself unfortunate enough to get injured and want to be compensated for something that wasn’t your fault. So in order to help you out, here are answers to some of the most common questions people ask about this type of claim:

 What is a personal injury?

Officially a ‘personal injury’ is a legal term that refers to an injury to the body, emotions or mind. Not property – no matter how much you love you car. If you have suffered an injury to your body, maybe a severed limb; have been emotionally damaged, perhaps through bullying in the work place; or if you have suffered mental issues due perhaps to being given incorrect medication, you have suffered a ‘personal injury’ and could potentially make a claim.

 How do you make a complaint?

First thing you should do is to speak to whoever it is you think is responsible for your injury. If it was in your workplace, speak to your employer. This may result in an official complaints procedure starting, especially if it is a big company or the government. If you want to pursue a no win no fee style claim you have to be aware that there is a time limit within which you have to make your claim.

 What compensation can you get?

This all depends on the type of injury you receive. If it is something minor like burnt fingers that will get completely better in a short time period, you may be in line to get around £1000 or so. However if it is a brain injury or a debilitating spinal injury through a car accident, you could get as much as £250,000 or more. Your family situation and job may play a part in this figure too.

 How do they assess your claim?

Claims assessors have to be approved by the government and they must stick to strict rules, procedures and ways in which they advertise and represent clients. They typically use an injury calculator along with medical reports and an assessment of the whole situation you are in and that which led to your accident.

 What is the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority?

If some kind of criminal activity, such as a street assault, hurts you, you can approach the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. To contact them you need to make a complaint to the police as soon as you can after the incident and then make a claim through the authority who you can find through your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Hope this helps!

Debbie Fuller works in personal injury claims in Glasgow. She uses an injury calculator and has 10 years’ experience in assessing claims.

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