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Automate Your Home Today!

If you are looking to automate your home and make your life easier, you definitely need to look into a new trend called smart home automation.  It is basically taking the standard features in your home, from A/C to lighting and making them accessible via the touch of a button or your smart phone.



If you are a fan of home entertainment, then you definitely need to automate your life a little more.  Imagine kicking back on the couch and being able to seamlessly stream through movies, shows, and more without ever lifting a finger, or foot!  Yo ucan also control the surround sound, lighting around the entertainment center, and much more with services from Global Home Automation.



One of the newest additions to Home Automation is security.  Seeing that security needs to be ‘secure’, mobile technology has not always been the most ideal setting or interface for a home system.  The technology has caught up with the times and now there are some really amazing systems for your home that can be controlled directly from your mobile phone.  Imagine sitting at work and being able to lock and/or unlock your front or back door remotely.  When the kids forget their keys, you can let them in.  It can also be used if the kids walked out of the house and forgot to lock the door.  Remotely you can close the deadbolt and restore safety and security to your home.

Home automation also allows for great leaps in the video security arena too.  No you can literally watch what is happening at your house, or anywhere for that matter from the comfort of wherever you happen to be.  With HD technology a standard in today’s world the quality of this home security is pretty darn good too!

Lighting, Shading, and A/C


Lighting, Shading and even your A/C can be remotely controlled and monitored courtesy of a nice automation set-up.  Literally from your phone you can ‘swipe’ your house hotter or colder, or even turn on the lights when you need to find something.  How many times have you been lying around and lounging on a saturday afternoon and you have to get up to change the A/C?  Now you don’t need to worry about a single thing.  Even if you managed to leave the blinds open, you could remotely close them courtesy of the iPhone app and a few finger gestures.  Could life be any easier?

Companies, such as Global Home Automation among others offer these services to clients and give them the peace of mind they really deserve.

Technology completely changes the life we live for the better, and with smart home automation, you will be that much closer to perfection at every moment.

Be sure to leave your thoughts on smart home automation below in the comments section.

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