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Loss of Life After Late Evening Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident in James Island, South Carolina, near Charleston, caused a 42-year-old motorcyclist to lose his life. According to the police report, Rodney Yarbrough, of James Island, was driving his motorcycle on Fort Johnson Road near the local James Island High School at approximately 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, September …

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Limited Time Cash Rebate From Cooper Tires


This post brought to you by Cooper Tire. All opinions are 100% mine. Have you been looking to get some new tires? Well jump on this new offer from Cooper Tires where they literally give you money back that you can spend on whatever you want. Depending on which tires …

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Danger Behind the Wheel


Georgia State Patrol cited  the cause of a tragic automobile accident on July 9, 2013 was due to speed and driving error. 20 miles west of Valdosta, this travesty claimed the lives of three rising football athletes on their way home from a morning practice. Authorities are unsure why Rising …

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Signing up for a Novated Lease – How the Process Works

Like other big life choices, financing a car though a novated lease comes with a lot of information and steps which can sometimes seem overwhelming. It is important not to rush into things and carefully consider your car financing options.  Once you have decided that novated leasing is right for …

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Backup Cameras For Your Car


Backup cameras are something that many car owners are talking about these days because people want to know if they are actually useful when it comes to backing up a car or truck. AmericanSecurityCo.com has backup cameras for trucks, and most of the people who have used these kinds of …

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Motorcycle Accidents: Who’s Mostly to Blame?


According to a study that was recently completed by the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research, motorcycle drivers are only at fault for 40 percent of the accidents that they are in with larger vehicles, and the majority of these accidents are caused by distracted drivers. In other words, …

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Driverless Cars: Who will be Responsible for Accidents?

Google’s driverless car uses a GPS, motion sensors and the LIDAR system in order to determine the route to take, the presence of other vehicles and pedestrians, the speed limit and the color of traffic lights. Even though this technology might seem unsafe to some consumers, the Google team has …

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2015 Ford Mustang Sneak Preview

The Mustang is Ford Motor Co oldest continuously produced car, going through several updates that have continued to improved upon as time went on. Ford Motor Co. isn’t resting on it’s laurels, they have already begun creating the next version of their popular Mustang car.  Dimension wise, the 2015 Mustang …

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