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5 Most Common Reasons for Car Insurance Claims

Car Insurance Claims

Many car insurance claims are filed each day. Insurance companies hate it when this happens because it could cost them money. Most insurance claims deal with damage caused by another driver. However, there are many common reasons why someone may decide to make use of their insurance policy. Property Stolen …

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An Audi With E-Sound: An EV That Roars?

R8 e-tron

It isn’t a car’s paint job, sleek body style, or flashy rims that let us know it’s a muscle car. It’s the powerful roar of its engine. The thundering voice of a muscle car is unmistakable. It symbolizes tremendous horsepower and acceleration, unbeatable speed, but also leaves a tremendous carbon …

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How to Keep a Car Warranty Valid


It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a factory warranty or an extended warranty, there are certain things that you are obligated to do for it to remain valid. Although extended warranties are a bit more strict with their requirements, there are things that will void a vehicle warranty …

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Car Accidents Happen – Make Sure You Are Prepared

car accidents

No matter how safe and cautious of a driver you are, accidents can happen. From unexpected wildlife in the road to errors from other drivers, it is more appropriate to think in terms of “when” an accident will happen, not “if”. Getting into an auto accident, no matter how small, …

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2012 BMW 1-Series M Coupe GTS-V By Vorsteiner

m coupe

  Hey there Beamer fans check out the 2012 BMW M1! This thing looks pretty dang hot and fast.. let alone furious! This particular Beam is made by the California-based tuning company, Vorsteiner, and is fast becoming one of the major tuning companies. An article on TopSpeed.com has a whole gallery of this beautiful, sexy, amazing [...]

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Learn How to Drive a Stick Shift

dive a 6 speed

You may be wondering what the differences are between an automatic transmission and a stick shift. Simply put, with a manual transmission you have to shift the gears yourself by depressing the clutch pedal, whereas an automatic shifts the transmission for you. More in-depth knowledge is available on the Internet, the DMV, as well as [...]

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Updating Your Dashboard Honda Navigation System


Many Honda vehicles come with dashboard GPS navigation already pre-installed at the factory.  This additional extra means that the car owner will never need to purchase a standalone GPS device such as a Garmin or TomTom – however, it will mean that over time the on-board maps will become out of date. The New Honda [...]

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Environmental Impact of Car Transport Services

Few people can read a magazine, newspaper, or website without reading about efforts to save the environment. All types of environmental terms that were previously unknown are now becoming more common, as well. In addition to terror stories about an unhealthy earth, the auto transport industry must deal with serious scrutiny. However, auto transport is [...]

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