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Ensure Your Banner Materials Hold Up To Expectations

Banners are making an appearance everywhere. You may notice them in front of churches, at the entrance of the grocery store, at the local little league game, and even at the company office party. The increase in the number of banners is due to the fact that today they are easy to customize, easy to hang, and work well for advertising an event or giving directionsBanner printing has become an increasingly popular way of advertising for many different situations. If you are thinking about having a banner printed, be sure to order one that is constructed from the correct materials, or the time and money spent may be of no value at all. Here are a few materials that banners are currently made of, and a few tips on when to use each type.

Fabric Banners can Look Great

Paper Banners

Many are familiar with paper banners from their days in school. These were often made by teachers or administrative assistants to help advertise an event or celebrate achievements by a group of students. Tempera paint was typically used to paint on lettering and by attaining supplies in large quantity, the cost of this type of banner was relatively low. If you happen to remember this type of banner, you may begin to wonder why they always seemed to hang rather high in a hallway or over a door. The most probable explanation for this lies in the fact that signs constructed in this manner were often not durable. Because they were made of paper, they were easily ripped by student’s curious or mischievous hands. Today, there is still a use for this type of banner. Because they do not cost much, they are still an effective way to advertise short term events or offer congratulations. Little if any guilt is felt when these are thrown away, because they have served a useful purpose and did not cost very much.

Fabric Banners

On the other end of the spectrum, fabric banners are very durable. They are tear resistant and handle rolling and storage very well. These types of banners are often used by those involved in trade shows that move from location to location. They can be used hung indoors or outdoors and feature brilliant colors and sharp pictures.

Mesh Banners

Mesh is another type of fabric that banners are made out of. The mesh is made out of perforated material that allows for them to be hung in very windy locations. These lightweight banners are often hung on sides of buildings to advertise events or promotions. One unique application for this type of banner is fence advertising. Because a fence provides a large horizontal space, it is ideal for advertising. With the mesh fabric, the banner you choose can be attached for a lengthy period and will remain intact due to the ability of the wind to pass right through it without causing rips or tears.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl is the most used material for banners, both indoors and out of doors. These are a very cost effective but durable type of material. Benefits include the fact that they are waterproof; can be transported easily, and are customizable.

No matter what the occasion, budget or event, it is always a great idea to create a custom banner to get the message out. Making sure that you choose the right banner material carefully will insure that you get as much benefit as possible from the banner you purchase.

Parts of this piece were contributed by Sign.com

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