Home Shopping Best Buy Offering Fast Asus Laptop Only $399

Best Buy Offering Fast Asus Laptop Only $399

Check Out Best Buy’s Great Holiday Gifts

If you are gearing up your spirits for the holidays then here is something to make the holidays even better. Best Buy is offering a pretty cool laptop for under $400. With 4GB of ram, an Intel core i3 processor, 750gb HD and a 15.6″ screen this laptop is perfect for replacing an older laptop with something that is cost effective. It may not necessarily be a super crazy work horse for intense gaming or road warriors but it is perfect for most practical uses such as browsing internet, using office programs while on the go, giving presentations, etc. Even as a backup laptop or a dedicated laptop for your TV to watch videos or something it is a pretty good deal.

Seeing that it is right in the price range where it could still be a gift, it may be something that you add to your list or gift somebody else you truly care about. It seems from the ad too that this may come in multiple colors, and as shown the advertisement shows the purple color. Best Buy is well known for having a great selection of electronics and they even have the Geek Squad support team to help you with your purchase.

Check out the video below to see the ad for yourself and let us know in the comments what you think about this laptop offer!

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