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Five Movies which were Ahead of their Time

Movies Ahead of their TimeRomance, comedy, thriller, horror and adventure movies are only a few examples of possible themes. But among these there are also some truly innovative ones which talk about technology, and the future. Although most movies about technology are influenced by the world as it was known in that moment, they also bring interesting elements that might shape the future. There are some very unique technology movies which have shaped the minds of the viewers forever. Let’s take a look at five:

Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner is a movie adaptation after the thriller novel written by Philip K. Dick in 1968. It is basically about a fictional Voigh-Kampff machine which uses modern day biometric technologies. The author couldn’t have known that by the year 2000, airports and other places would be using polygraphs, androids which analyze biological data for security purposes, iris scanner and face recognition systems.

Back to the Future (1985)

Another example of movie that could foresee what would happen in the future is „Back to the Future”. The film presents different models of hover-boards, which are already in the works in real life. These low-cost and Eco-friendly devices might be ready for the market in the summer of 2013.

1984 (1984)

This is a weird addition to the list. Nevertheless is an interest example of technology movie. The story is basically about a „Big Brother” who constantly views the lives of unaware citizens from ubiquitous screens. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Time Warner Cable Main current offer, and download it as fast as you can.

Matrix (2003)

The film’s „universal capture” has inspired the development of facial expression capture technology. The story in itself is fascinating, and we don’t know yet if it will ever be possible for people to connect to virtual worlds this way. Moreover, the CGI background of „The Matrix” has made it one of the immortal cinematographic masterpieces. Facial recognition, which was inspired from Matrix is now used on cameras, Android, Facebook and many other social media platforms.

Minority Report (2002)

It was years before the release of touchscreen technology that Tom Cruise would play on the computer with only his hand. Although back then it sounded like a pretty dream, it seems that this time it has turned into reality. „Minority Report” had undoubtedly a great influence on China’s Maglev Train and the Future of Attribute Screening Technology.

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