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Getting Married? Don’t Forget these Excellent Pre-Marriage Activities

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Many engaged couples feel that the time between their engagement and marriage is stressful, chaotic, and unique.  This time period is a transition period where there are a lot of things to be done.  In addition, several couples feel like they are on a countdown.  This is completely normal.  Although you might feel overwhelmed at times, try to enjoy the process.  In particular, have fun doing the following things together as a couple before you get married.

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Choose Your Rings

First, spend a day choosing your wedding bands.  The bride can select a band to compliment her engagement ring.  This is usually an easy process, and she might already have an idea of the band she wants for her ring.  However, the groom will need to decide which ring will suit his tastes.  Keep in mind that purchasing jewelry shopping for men is not natural.  Therefore, it might take them time to find the ring that they like best.  In fact, do not be surprised if they need to try on several different styles before they determine which one they like best.

Take a Vacation From the Wedding Plans

Next, although wedding planning is fun (especially for the bride), it is important to work on your relationship during this important time in your life.  Therefore, many couples benefit from taking a break from the wedding plans.  You can take a break and go on an actual vacation, or you can simply plan a fun weekend that does no involve wedding plans.  When you are planning, make sure that the activities will allow you to bond as a couple.  Too often, couples get lost in the wedding and forget to focus on each other.

Exercise Together

Since you both want to look your best for the big day, you might consider exercising together.  While you do not have to spend all of your time at the gym with each other, you could plan a few activities together.  This allows you to spend more time together and to work towards a common goal.  After all, both of you want to look great for the pictures.  You also want to look great for the people you will see that you have not seen in ten years!

Take Dance Classes

Most couples dance together at their weddings.  This is a long-standing tradition.  However, few people really know how to properly dance as a couple.  Most brides and grooms sway from side to side and call that dancing.  If you want to look more professional, you can consider taking a few dance classes prior to the wedding.  This is also another fun way that you can spend time with each other.  Plus, it is a great skill to have.

Choose Your Cake

Finally, choose your wedding cake as a couple.  Some brides do this alone, and others do it with their maid of honor.  However, it should really be done with the fiancé.  After all, you will both take the first bite of cake together.  Therefore, you should each like the cake you choose.

These are easy things you can do together as a couple before you get married.  They will make a big difference in your relationship in the long term.

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