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Three Places To Target To Give Your Home An Upgrade

Is your home décor looking tired? In the past, when people got tired of their home, they moved to something that better matched their aspirations. These days, and in the current climate, more and more people are choosing to give their home a facelift instead. There are several areas in your home where changing the fittings and finishes can give you the effect of a new home.

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The Lounge

Let’s start with the lounge. You can make this seem new by refreshing the paint on the walls or replacing the traditional magnolia with something a bit more exciting. Consider having an accent wall in a different colour to provide a focal point for the room. Changing your flooring from wood to tile or vice versa, can also help and you can complete the transformation by changing the covers on your furniture. Put some new artwork on the walls or change the positions of the artwork you already have and your lounge will look completely different. Finish the job by changing some light fixtures and installing a dimmer switch so you can create mood lighting at will.

The Kitchen

show kitchen, she doesn't come with it.

Whether male or female, the chef in the family will delight in making changes to the kitchen fittings. The cupboards, countertops and taps that were ultramodern when you bought the house may now look a bit dated. You can change that with cosmetic changes or a complete refurbishment. You might wish to purchase a completely new kitchen with all fittings included in the price, but if that’s beyond your budget there is an alternative. Replace parts of the kitchen bit by bit till you gradually achieve a modern look. One area that makes a big difference is the countertop – stone is in and will look great compared with the laminate that was there before. You can also change the cupboard fronts for an immediate face lift. Make sure to match the cupboards when installing new fronts for your appliances and consider changing taps for a whole new look.

The Bathroom

Twyford Bathrooms

Many people enjoy changing the bathroom fittings because it’s a quiet and relaxing space. With the right decoration, your bathroom can feel like a mini-spa, complete with limestone or marble floors and the finest tiles. While those will make it feel positively luxurious, complete the feel by changing the fittings. Move from a single to a double shower and change the shower head so you can have a shower with real power. If you have space to play with you can also consider a shower like the ones at the most prestigious spas, which bombard you with water from every angle. A spacious bathroom can also handle a Jacuzzi/tub, giving you the option of bubbles whenever you want. Complete the transformation by changing towel rails and light fittings and by putting new fronts on bathroom cupboards.

By making changes to the lounge, kitchen and bathroom, you can improve the look and feel of your home without having to move. That cuts the hassle and the cost, making it even more enjoyable.

Chris Jenkinson writes for natural stone supplier Roma Marble.

Photo credits: 1, 2, 3/Flickr

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