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How to Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner has been around for close to a century and has proved its value time and time again but if we don’t look after them they will break. Be it a Bissell or Hoover, vacuum cleaners last longer and perform better if we routinely maintain them in the same way a car benefits from routine checks. Let’s go over some of maintenance tips for your vacuum cleaner.

Clear Obstructions

Maintenance starts before you’ve even begun vacuuming; look around the room you’re about to clean and see if there are any objects or obstacles that can find their way into the intricacies of your vacuum cleaner. A single coin or Lego brick may seem harmless but the reality is that they can cause a loss of suction or even damage parts of your vacuum cleaner interior.

Full Baggage

Whether it’s a bagless vacuum cleaner or not, you should always make sure the bags are never full during a session. Also keeping the filters clean while you vacuum not only improves suction but it puts less strain on the motor. A full bag can also lead to dirt, hair and dust blowing back over areas you’ve already cleaned. However most vacuum cleaners can have their filters replaced or cleaned easily so there is no excuse for not cleaning it.

The Vacuum Belt

Anyone who has ever had their vacuum belt damaged knows the smell of burnt rubber and how horrible it is. One should check the belt regularly, if it is stretched, has frayed edges or loose then it needs to be replaced; broken bits sucked into the system can damage the inner mechanisms aside from the horrible smell of burnt rubber. A rule of thumb is to replace the belt every six months to a year; although a handheld vacuum cleaner may require less maintenance.

Clear the Hose

The next logical step is to check your upright vacuum cleaner hose for blockages and obstructions that could put strain on the motor or cause suction to be less effective. Animal hair, solid foods, coins or small toys are the sorts of things that easily get caught up in a vacuum cleaner bag and hose. At the same time, checking the wheels on your vacuum cleaner for hair wrapped around prevents an immobile vacuum cleaner which makes the job that little bit harder.

What is the best vacuum cleaner to use; probably one that works and with regular maintenance you can be sure you’ll have a functioning vacuum cleaner all the time. The cost of replacing one will also fall to the wayside if you look after the one you already own.


Eugene Calvini is a writer and household maintenance enthusiast; he knows about the upright vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaning products on a technical level.

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