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Sizzling and Hot Tips to Get a Cheaper and Affordable Holiday Vacation

These days, traveling should not be as expensive.  Gone are the days when traveling to different countries would be afforded only by the rich and the affluent or the politicians and businessmen.  Traveling in the past decades has been deemed as a form of luxury which only the high earning people can enjoy.


In the present times, people are given more access to traveling and exploring the different parts of the world. There are a lot of traveling ways and techniques that a backpacker or traveler can do in order to minimize and lessen the expenses of going in a holiday vacation.


What wise travelers do to get a cheaper and affordable holiday vacation?


At times, you wonder how in the heavens a backpacker can travel in a different country considering the meager amount of money that he has in his pocket.  Well, this is no longer a surprise these days because there are more practical and economical ways that you can follow like the wise traveler in order to lessen the expenses that you will incur while traveling.  Some of the highlighted tips and techniques that a traveler does based on the experts’ opinion and suggestion are the following:


  1. Check the value of your local currency.  There are countries most especially in Asia where your money will have more value than in European countries.  Essentially, when your local money has a higher exchange rate in the country where you are traveling, the more money that you can spend and the more money that you can use while on vacation.  It is also wise that you check the exchange rate in your local place and their exchange rate.  There are times when your money will have more value when you have them exchanged in your local place or in the country where you are visiting.
  2. Check the cost of living of the destination.  If the country you are visiting has a higher standard or cost of living, then it would not be a wise idea to visit that place for the time being.  To the least what you can do is to prepare better for the travel vacation that you will be having in that country.  The countries in Asia like Bangkok, Hongkong, and the Philippines would have a better cost of living conditions which can make your stay a lot longer considering the meager amount of money that you have.
  3. Check the accommodations that you can have.  If you are going to stay for long in the country you are visiting, then getting a hostel or a cheaper hotel would be highly suggested.  Most wise travelers are getting an apartment which is a lot cheaper compared to staying in a hotel or a hostel.  Or in most parts they share apartment with a friend or go on a transient.


You do not need to extravagantly live a life while on a vacation because there are other things that you need to consider.  The sizzling tips provided above can help you vastly in order to save more money.



Simon Jackson shares his travel tips and other related advice at his blog – Channel Voyager. He is currently occupied in the travel industry and he works as a cheap flight (interesting to know is that the Swedish term is billiga flygresor) tickets salesman for an online travel agency in Sweden.

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