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How to Remove Grease Stains

Depending on what your task is whether you are on the job or you are just performing some chores around the house, you may find that after your done, your clothes is filled with grease. After you’re done, finding that you have grease on your clothes can be really frustrating. When you are cooking or performing other chores, grease may also spill around you onto the floor or onto furniture. There are a number of effective methods you can apply so you can get the grease out and have your clothes ready again. This article will provide the instructions on how to remove grease stains.

Required Tools

  • Liquid dish detergent
  • White vinegar
  • Garment
  • Paper towel
  • Corn starch or talcum powder


  1. Go to your local store or supermarket and purchase a detergent, if the detergent is colored then dilutee it with a bit of water to prevent further staining. Once you find that an area whether a piece of clothes or item has been stained with grease, the quicker you move at getting it out is the better your chance is of restoring it back into a clean piece of garment.
  2. If you find that you are dealing with automotive grease or just very thick grease then you may need to use a knife to scrape off the excess grease. Then you can pour on a little of the detergent onto the soiled area and work it in with your hands until it begins to dissolve.
  3. As soon as the grease begins to dissolve more, rinse the area with white vinegar, the white vinegar will be responsible for removing the detergent.
  4. If you find that the fabric that you are working on is giving a hard time to eliminate the stains then you can repeat steps one to three until all or most of the grease comes out. This method of grease removal can also work on clothes that have already been washed.
  5. Another method for eliminating grease is to apply an absorbent agent such as cornstarch or talcum powder onto the grease affected spot.
  6. Put the part of the fabric that has the grease facedown onto a paper towel then use a dry cleaning solvent to blot the back of the stain and then continue replacing the paper towels as it begins to soak up more grease.
  7. Then spray the garment with laundry pretreatment and wash it with very hot water and then allow it to air dry. When it is dry it should be nice and clean.

Tips & Warnings

  • Whenever you are purchasing liquid detergents, look for the brands that are water based and non toxic because these work better with most fabrics and do less damage to it.
  • Detergents that have really strong colors will lightly stain colored clothing so ensure that you search for colorless detergents or if you do buy color detergents, it is diluted with water.
  • If you search around your local stores, there are also other commercially made products being sold that are made specifically for getting out grease from clothes that are also very effective.
  • WD-40 can be used on most items to get rid of grease with the exception of fabrics to eliminate grease.

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