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How to Save Money on Your House Move Budget

Everyone knows that moving house can be stressful but did you know that it can also be expensive? Here are the things that you need to include in your budget when you’re ready to move house as well as tips for saving money on these costs.

Save on Fees

Before you can move into a new house you usually have to get rid of the old one. If you are selling the house then a big part of the cost of sale your estate agents’ fees. The percentage varies depending on the agent and where you are and you can save money on this by selecting an estate agent with low fees or, if you have a particularly desirable property, selling it yourself. If you are renting a home, then all you have to do is give adequate notice of your intention to leave. Get the timing right and you can stop paying rent on your old property the day you start paying rent on your new one.

If you are buying a home then you also have to pay stamp duty but again you could save money on this if you buy a property under a certain value in a disadvantaged area. Of course, you will need to weigh up the security risks of this approach. One of the key parts of a house sale is conveyancing. Although you can do this yourself using a free online kit, it is probably better to let a solicitor do it just in case you face issues after the sale.

Save on Removals

When it’s time to move, you can also save money here. If you’re young and strong and have very few possessions you might be able to move them on the back of your car but otherwise it is often worth it to have a professional do the move for you. To save money, take the middle ground and supply your own packing material and pack your own boxes. Then get the professionals to do the heavy lifting at both ends. This will help both your budget and your back.

You can make back some of your moving costs by having a car boot or garage sale to get rid of the items you won’t need at the other end. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure and you will be surprised to find that your discarded items are valuable enough that people will want to pay for them. Good luck with your move.

Sharon writes for Glasgow removals specialists Removal Services Scotland.

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