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How to Score Six Flags Tickets For Free

You may have heard the popular saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”. While most things indicated as free do come with some other type of price, sometimes that price can benefit another. If you’re thinking about visiting Six Flags this season, you’ll be happy to know that you can get both free tickets and benefits for the children in your household too, in some cases.

Free Tickets and Read to Succeed

Six Flags parks are big on getting kids to read. Their ‘Read to Succeed” program allows any child to earn a free ticket to the park, provided they have read for six hours or more, and have recorded that reading. If there is a Six Flags park in your area, your child’s teacher may be involved with Read To Succeed, and that free ticket could save you up to $40 at your favorite park. So it definitely doesn’t hurt to ask your child’s teacher about this at the beginning of the school year.

Become a Sweepstakes Hunter

There are countless sweepstakes web sites online today. Find your list of sites with a  quick search, and then dig deeper to discover whether they are offering promotions which involve free or discounted Six Flags tickets. But be warned; you may receive telemarketing calls after having entered online sweepstakes, as these are often the sources telemarketers purchase their call lists from.

Partner Offers Can Sweeten the Deal

Major food companies often partner with Six Flags for a season, and then promote that partnership through contests offered on their product labels, which means that you could end up with several chances of winning free tickets for your children, just by placing those items in your weekly grocery cart.  But if you’re not up to buying los of junk food to win free tickets, you can always visit the web sites of participating companies to see if you can enter to win free tickets without having to purchase their products.

Combing the Classifieds

If you’re using a site like Craigslist of Kijiji to buy and sell items, you should know that these are also great resources for finding free tickets to all sorts of events and destinations, including Six Flags. Check the “Free” sections of these sites to see if anyone has tickets they have to get rid of because they can’t use them.  But you may encounter those with tickets for specific days, so ensure that you can make the trip to your desired park on that day. You may also be able to get free tickets by trading a needed item for them.

Six Flags Ticket Sites

You can also find sites that find all the best offers for all Six Flags parks and display them in one place. If you find your search for free tickets has been unsuccessful, you will most likely be able to find tickets at deeply-discounted prices by visiting sites of this nature. But before you cash in on your deals, take a second look at the fine print and expiry dates to make sure the deals haven’t expired and you can use your tickets on the days you plan to be at the park.

While it may take you a few hours of your time to locate online and offline deals, you could end up saving a lot of money on your day when you consider admission prices, the cost of food within the park and your gas and travel time. All of the above tricks are not only completely legal, but can help max your entire family’s fun factor for a whole season, and for a lot less strain on your wallet.

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