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How to See Everything While Traveling Through New Zealand

Often when you plan a trip to another country you focus on one or two main attractions. However, New Zealand is small enough and has such a great array of attractions, that staying in one city or region is not practical. To ensure you see everything there is to see when traveling through New Zealand you need to develop a vacation strategy.

Island Hop

New Zealand is comprised of two main islands, the North Island and the South Island. Each island has a unique climate and set of attractions. The North Island is more tropical, as it is located closer to the equator, and it offers geothermal features that are not found on the South Island. The South Island has a temperate climate with glaciers, skiing opportunities and amazing fjords and inland water sport activities. When island hopping, make sure you plan at least a week on each island to ensure you get to see a good selection of attractions on each island.

Cruise New Zealand

Another great option that you have if you want to see as much of New Zealand as possible is to take a cruise. There are several commercial cruise lines that offer tours of New Zealand. These cruise packages will take you along New Zealand’s coastline and make port at its most popular tourist destinations. At each port of call you can shop, explore the local attractions and sample local culture and cuisine. While on the cruise ship you can watch some of the most beautiful and dramatic coastlines in the world pass by.

Sea Kayaking through New Zealand

If you are looking for a more active way to tour through New Zealand and have time for an extended stay in the country, then consider planning a sea kayak trip through New Zealand. Sea kayaks are sturdier than the typical kayak and they offer you a small cabin up front where you can store camping gear and supplies. As you kayak along the coastline, you also have the option of paddling inland along rivers. New Zealand has a lot of water to explore so you will never be wanting of a water passage.

Sea kayaking is a great way to explore the various types of water sport options offered by both the North Island and the South Island. The North Island will give you the opportunity to paddling in tropical seas, underground rivers and to explore a chain of volcanic islands, while the South Island will give you the opportunity to explore glacial runoff, alpine lakes and dramatic fjords.

After her own New Zealand vacation, Madeline Binder has been inspired to share her experiences with others.

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