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Limited Time Cash Rebate From Cooper Tires

consumer-photo-feature-suvThis post brought to you by Cooper Tire. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you been looking to get some new tires? Well jump on this new offer from Cooper Tires where they literally give you money back that you can spend on whatever you want. Depending on which tires you choose you can get anywhere from $40-80 bucks back on a Visa prepaid card. You can get all of the official details on the Take the Money & Ride page!

It is all a part of their recent Take The Money & Ride campaign which is pretty genius and helpful for their current customers and new customers. Some of you out there are all about saving money and sometimes one of your strategies is skimping on your tires…. this is your chance to not skimp on one of the most important aspects of your life. Without tires no matter how nice or broken your car is, it will not go anywhere and more importantly your safety is at risk. Should your tires pop or be to low you can get involved in an accident and then you will be paying higher insurance, spending time dealing with everything, and much more so it always makes sense to keep your tires in check at a minimum.

Some tips have been released from Cooper Tires as well such as making sure your tires are inflated enough and that you are checking the tread on them to ensure they are not too low and have room for some more wear. If you bring your car in to a center they can give you an approximation of how soon or long you can go before needing new tires. Make sure to rotate your tires and wheels as well so that they all get similar use and do not wear on any given side too fast. Money saving and safety tips on the official site will provide more insight into some great ideas!


Check out the Youtube Video for Take The Money And Ride!

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