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Priceless Artwork – How To Choose And Install a Hidden Wall Safe

Homeowners concerned about burglary can choose to install a hidden wall safe. Most burglars spend at most six minutes inside of a home and will search obvious places for valuables. There are many unique options that are available for homeowners looking for a hidden wall safe. Owners of a home have other options that go beyond simply concealing a wall safe by hanging a picture.

A type of wall safe that is easy for a homeowners to install looks like a power outlet. Anything from jewellery to money can be kept in this type of safe that opens with the use of a special key. The construction is typically of a hard plastic and metal that is installed in a similar fashion to an electrical box. If you have experience installing power outlets, this will be a simple way to add the security of a wall safe to your home.

The capacity of a wall safe will depend on its size. A wall safe can measure 12 inches high by 14 inches wide by 4 inches deep or bigger. If you want to use a smaller hidden safe, the size can measure 7 inches high by 3.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches deep. However, the size you choose will depend on the valuables that you want to keep safe.

The first step to installing a hidden wall safe is to decide where it will be located. This means a wall needs to be chosen that you can easily access. The materials that are provided with the safe will include a template. However, you will need to measure the wall to find the proper placement. Depending on the type of safe you will be installing it will need to be in-between the wall studs.

Find the location of the wall studs by using a stud finder and mark the location using a pencil. Place the template on the wall and trace the opening for the safe. If you are using a concealed wall safe, it needs to be attached to a wall stud. Cut around the outline on the wall with a drywall saw. Set your safe in the hole and make sure that it fits properly.

Secure the wall safe to the studs with screws. You will need to drive the screws into a wall stud using a power drill. The number of screws you will use depends on the size and type of wall safe. Make sure of the fit by using a level. Adjust the position of the safe if it is not sitting level. Close the safe door to see if it works correctly.

Depending on the type of wall safe that you installed it will need to be concealed. A large wall safe can be concealed with a picture. Another way to conceal a safe is to mount a flat screen TV onto the wall. The best way to hide a wall safe is to replace the cut piece of drywall and repair the wall. This is only an option if you do not plan to use the safe for a period of time.

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