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Barbados Vacation ~ The Best Barbados Beaches as Voted by the Travel Channel

If you are planning a Barbados vacation, it is imperative that you know which beaches are the best on the island. While there are many absolutely stunning and gorgeous coastal stretches around Barbados, the Travel Channel has voted that some of the beaches are much better than others. Barbados is tucked in the southern region of what is referred to as the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. This island is the easternmost region in the area. As you explore the coasts, you will find that you may experience cerulean waters splashing upon crisp, powdery shores to the magnificent swells pouring in from the Atlantic Ocean. When electing to vacation in Barbados, it is essential to determine which of the Barbados Beaches are the best for you and those that will be vacationing with you. In this guide, you will be introduced to two of the best Barbados Beaches as voted by the Travel Channel.


If you want to take a Barbados vacation at a beach that will allow you to engage in water activities like fishing, surfing, snorkeling, or just sunbathing, Bathsheba will be absolutely perfect for you! This picturesque fishing village is located on the East Coast of Barbados. It is often identified as the “Surfing Capital of Barbados”, and hosts many different surfing events and contests annually. If you want to explore the wild, natural side of Barbados, while enjoying a wide array of activities and events geared towards the tropical lifestyle, you should ensure that when you vacation in Barbados that Bathsheba is on your list of places to visit. You will enjoy the breathtaking scenery and the amazing popularity of this beach.

Mullins Bay

If you are interested in taking a Barbados vacation that will allow you to relax and unwind, you will likely enjoy Mullins Bay. This beautiful bay sits at the mouth of a placid beach where many guests and locals alike sit quietly, sunbathing in their comfortable chaise loungers. While visiting the beach, you will find that there is a bar located on the sands of the tropical retreat that specialize in cold drinks and meals created with the highest level of simplicity. You may also rent equipment that will allow you to snorkel and explore the lands beneath the wave of this tropical paradise. This beach is perfect for those that want to take a relaxing vacation in Barbados.

If you are interested in taking a Barbados vacation, you should consider visiting Bathsheba or Mullins Bay. As a matter of fact, you would even visit both of you like! Each of the Barbados Beaches carries their own culture, scenery and lifestyle. Prior to starting your vacation in Barbados, it is essential that you determine which beaches will allow you to pursue the activities that you have a desire to indulge in. Whether it is an upbeat atmosphere like Bathsheba or a laid back atmosphere like Mullins Bay, you are sure to enjoy any beach in this region of the Caribbean.

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