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Relax or Get Active on La Manga Club Holidays

If you’re looking for excellent, relaxing and luxurious holidays, you should try staying at La Manga Club.  It genuinely does cater for pretty much everything you could ever ask for and will have different activities and ways to unwind to suit absolutely any kind of person.

Get Active on Your Holiday

If you’re sporty, La Manga Club is the ideal getaway.  It is primarily a sports and leisure club, and you can find all sorts of different sports here.  Even if you consider yourself quite a sporty person there will probably be something new for you to try.  La Manga Club offers:

  • golf
  • crazy golf
  • sailing
  • ping pong
  • fitness
  • windsurfing
  • cricket
  • kite surfing
  • biking
  • swimming
  • water skiing
  • football
  • parasailing
  • squash
  • scuba diving
  • tennis
  • rugby

The facilities for all of these are all of the highest quality, especially the golf.  There are sports academies that offer lessons for all sports for all levels, for adults and children.  Basically, if you’re into your sports you will love a La Manga Club holiday.

Shopping and Spa Holidays

Perhaps, though, you would prefer a more traditional kind of holiday — shopping, sightseeing, that kind of thing.  Well, La Manga Club can offer you that too.  It’s near three cities, Lorca, Cartagena and Murcia, that are all brilliant shopping destinations and are steeped in rich culture and history.  All of the cities have beautiful architecture and markets to explore, and there are often festivals to take part in.  These can be devoted to anything from jazz to flamenco to world music, but they are great sources of entertainment.

Then when you come back you could be pampered in the spa.  The spa itself absolutely drips beauty — stylish, light and spacious, I want to remodel my home based on it — and features the usual array of saunas, steam rooms and Jacuzzis.  There are also thirteen treatment rooms where you can have everything done from a full body wrap to a facial to a pedicure to a massage.  You wouldn’t have to lift a finger; you’d just have to relax.

Beautiful Scenery for an Outdoorsy Holiday

Then there are those who prefer their holidays to be spent outdoors, but don’t necessarily want to indulge in sports.  Again, La Manga Club could be your perfect destination.  The countryside around the club is pristine; there are many walking routes that will take you through the most beautiful areas.  Then you can visit the nearby Calblanque National Park that has even more magnificent scenery — mountains, beaches and forest — and plants, wildlife and birds to try and see.

Then you could travel to the nearby marine reserve, which is home to a scuba diving site that is so good it has the reputation for being one of the best in Spain.  Or you can just enjoy the fantastic Costa Cálida weather — the micro climate of the area creates hot, balmy weather all year round.

Live in the Lap of Luxury

But maybe you’re not interested in exploring towns, playing sports or going for long walks.  Maybe you prefer your holidays to be just that; holidays from having to do anything.  If you just like sitting around and relaxing on your breaks, then you should come to La Manga Club anyway and just do that in the luxurious surroundings.  The accommodation is wide ranging — the five star hotels, townhouses, rentable villas — but all of a high standard, and the restaurants are pure gastronomic heaven.


Whether you want a relaxing break or an active week away, La Manga Club holidays will ensure you have a week spent in luxury.  With so much to do and beautiful weather to enjoy, there really is no excuse for not booking a holiday at La Manga Club.


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