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Sound Barrier Fencing, Neighbors Across The Street and Punk Rock


Presently, most common cause of neighborhood disputes or grievances are about noise. Believe me, I know because I have witnessed my 2 neighbors across our house having disputes about unwanted noises that the two households produce. The other household have  two teenage boys who has a punk rock band that regularly practice in their garage, and the other household are a couple with some snotty air in them.  So obviously, there will be clashes between them. I like the two brothers with the band. Honestly, they play good and fast punk rock and they are nice kids. I told them I had a punk rock band when I was young, so we clicked.

My wife knows that I’m into punk rock but the noise from the rehearsals are making my kids uneasy and my wife don’t want to  have any problems with the neighbors across the street  so we decided to have a sound barrier fencing installed. She also pointed out that she wanted to tend the garden peacefully or play with the kids inside the yard without disturbing the adjacent house. So I agreed and asked people I know that have installed panel fencing. First, they told me to talk with our local council to check the correct requirements regarding the height of the wall. The council can also advise of the local zoning regulations that are permitted in the area and make sure that there no subterranean utility conduits in the area as well. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I called the local supplier of panel fencing in our area and asked more questions about their products. The panels are made up of aluminum and each panel is treated with a fiber cement coating. In between the aluminum panels are acoustic polystyrene core. This type of sound barrier fencing can also be customized with different colors and textures to suit our taste and match the house. Honestly, I don’t have any experience in carpentry and construction so I called the professionals to the job. My best buddy is into construction so I just paid half the price for the job. Very nice.  It took us almost a week to finish the job including paint works. After the installation, my wife was pretty impressed and immediately we can tell the difference.  The outside noise lessened, I think it’s about 60% less noise. My wife added some plants or some form of vegetation to block high frequency sounds. It provided us with the privacy and relaxation we need, especially the kids and my wife.

I am satisfied with the sound barrier fencing.  My buddy told me that the warranty is up to 10 years but the wall will last more than that. So that’s good news. I can give you more good news about it – it’s very easy to install, it costs less, no mess, no hassle; it’s economical compared to masonry and concrete walls. It allows ground movement; its fire, termite and insect resistant especially termites, it has lightweight components and reinforced post and panels, it doesn’t retain heat and most important of all, it blocks unwanted noise. If you’re thinking of installing sound barrier fencing, go for it. It’s a good investment.

Paul Smith is a father to three kids aged 6, 4, 2. He likes punk rock and is a big fan of The Clash, The Jam, The Toy Dolls, The Specials and Madness. A husband to a lovely nurse which appreciates little bit of peace and quiet. Installing sound barrier fencing makes her wife love him more.

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