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The Less Obvious Tips on Choosing a Mattress

There’s no limit to the kind of mattresses there are now on the market. The variety, different makes all the factors to consider can make it quite confusing: springs or foam, no-flip or pillow-tops and do you really need a bed stand? To make it all a lot simpler, check the following first:

Speak to your doctor

Especially if you have any medical conditions, it’s always best to consult with your doctor first. While it may not be expert advice, it will certainly be useful advice based on knowledge of your symptoms and problems.

Firmness and Comfort

The most common advice given is that a firmer mattress is better for the back, but this is not always true. It’s important to give it a second thought before buying a mattress as often we mistake firm support with firm feel. What would be most accurate to buy would be a mattress with firm support and a comfortable feel. Comfort levels of course, vary with personal preferences.


Maintenance of a mattress is often of equal importance as they are expensive and are intended to last long. The most recommended procedure is to flip your mattress once every month for the first three months and from then on once every three months.

No-flips and Mattress Padding

Some mattresses that don’t need to be flipped are now available and the difference is simply in the price. No-flip mattresses are more expensive than the conventional kinds. It’s also important to consider mattress padding. If you’re a lightweight, there’s really no need for one as your body will not rest so heavily on the coils. However, if you’re slightly more heavily built, then it’s better to go with some padding to cushion the springs.

The extras

Some mattresses offer expensive silk or cotton finish at a higher price. This doesn’t improve the comfort of a mattress in any way. It bears remembering that no one sleeps on a bare mattress. The first thing you’re going to do when the mattress is delivered is cover it with a protector and sheets.

Warranty and Return Policy

Try and ensure you get a mattress with a ten year warranty. However, this will mean that you must protect the mattress well by buying a mattress protector. Even stains on the mattress can void the warranty. It is quite difficult to claim warranty, especially since it’s over such a long period, so to be on the safe side, it’s wise to choose a store with a generous return policy. Also ask about money-back guarantees

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