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The Marina in San Francisco

Chronicle photo by Liz Hafalia

Classy and Sophisticated, the Marina in San Francisco is adventure ready

These days in San Francisco it can be hard to find a fun area that is not over crowded for you to enjoy with your family and friends. The Marina is upperclass and was initially part of the Presidio which the Spanish established in 1776. Except the Marina does not look like it used to, back in the day it was primarily marsh lands until a spur of development began after the 1906 earthquake that shook San Francisco.


The culture

As compared to the rest of San Francisco, there is not much diversity in the Marina and has a large caucasian make up with most of the people being quite wealthy. Although Fort Mason itself is known for being the host of many multi-cultural events, museums, and nonprofit benefits.

There are many sports bars and upper class bars in the area and we would recommend checking them out to mingle with the locals which often consists of many young successful professionals and long time bay area natives.

The pace in the Marina is much slower than the rest of SF, in a good relaxed mellow way. You are able to get around without too much traffic or commotion going on which makes it perfect for sunny weekends or celebrations by the ocean.

We hope that you have fun there and let other Weekly Livers know what your experience was like in the comment section below!


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