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Top 3 Secrets to Cheaper Flights

Travel companies don’t always like to give you the best deal going. If you don’t know how to get a good deal you could spend hours of researching online getting more and more frustrated as time goes on. If like me you end up just picking a deal to get the process over and down with. At the end of it all you have no idea whether this is good deal to not.

Over the years I have read various articles and blogs that give out some really good tips. I have put together my top tips from what I have read over the years. Hopefully some of you will find them useful.So use the tips below for short breaks longhaul flights, it works for both.

Cheaper flight by including car rental

It sounds odd doesn’t that be adding more to your package can make it cheaper but it often is the case. Just like bundle deals with TV and Broadband companies, airlines often give you access to extra discounts if you add car hire to your booking.

One example quote on Lifehacker sates that the British Airways system can give you up to 50% off the coast of the flight by booking a package rather than just a flight alone. So go to the airlines directly and explore then option and see how much you can get off your flight. Can you beat the British Airways rate?

Get two seats on a flight

We have all been there on a flight and you can see some lucky person sitting in a row of empty seats. On one flight to South Africa a very lucky person behind me had three seat t themselves. Their 13 hours flight was made much more bearable then mine. I was stuck in between a couple of large chaps and felt like I was a sardine in a tin for the entire flight.

The is a way of increasing your chances of getting a bonus seat, if you are prepared to take a gamble the it could pay off for you.

Go online the book your tickets as you normally would. The key to success here is that you are travelling with someone else, if not then all is not lost. Find a row of seats and instead of booking your seats next to each other leave a seat between you. If the flight is going fully booked then you are out of luck. However many flights do not get fully booked and the seat in-between you and you flight partner will be one of the last to get booked.


It is a simple fact that people like their own space or at least a window or aisle net to them if you leave then with the prospect of having to sit between two stranger s then they will always look elsewhere first. Travelling alone, then the same principles stand, find a row with two free seats and book your spot leaving a space in-between.

The upgrade

It used to be much easier to get an upgrade, join the rewards scheme and a little bit of charm would go a long way. Times have changed so you are going to have to re-think your strategies.

Let’s face it cattle class is only okay for short flights, anything else and your backside will start to complain. After a couple of hours comfort levels plummet and I turn in to a major fidget. So any chance, even the tiny weenie one, of an upgrade has to be taken.

Technology is your new weapon, and I use a service called ‘MySeatFinder.com‘. This little gem of a service promises to improve on the seat that you would normally book. They know all the best locations of seats to give you the best leg room and comfort as possible. I have used this service a couple of times and felt rather smug sitting in my seat knowing that I had gained the best seat in cattle class by what felt like my own little secret.


Article written on behalf of Potters Holidays – Holiday parks in Norfolk

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