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Top Places to Visit While in London

Are you planning to visit London? London is a center of history and modern life style. The people who want to see the combination of old and new times should visit this city because there is everything for them. In order to visit this beautiful city of England it is important to decide what places should be visited first. Do you know about some popular and famous places of London? Most of the readers will say “No” because there are lots of places that make tourists confused. Anyhow, in this article you will get information about all important places of this city. It is important for you to visit these places in order to enjoy beauty of London city.

Do you have information about the Windsor Castle? If you love history then you must search information about this place. This castle is very popular because it is important to study British history. Are you interested to study British wars? The people who are interested in these activities are suggested to visit the Windsor castle. It was a great point for the British troops before 1950’s. Nowadays, this castle is being used a public place. Thousands of tourists and locals come here to enjoy with their families and friends. In common this place is also called the Royal family point or weekend bolt hole.

Do you love arts and entertainment? If you really love this then you will be familiar with the Shakespeare. The house of this famous writer is also present in the vicinity of this city. There are so many interesting places around the house of this famous writer that make the tourists happy. If you are looking for more places then you can enjoy parks near this town.

The Tower of London is known as displays of London. This tower is not a new construction. It has a great history because this tower was constructed in the memory of a prison. However, this tower is being used as a symbol of pageantry. No doubt it has a great value but you should visit this tower after seeing the above mentioned places. This tower is an easy place for the tourists because they can reach there without any problem. Lots of bus services are present for the tourists who want to visit the tower of London.

Do you want to see amazing things? Then you must visit a museum in this city. As a matter of fact there are lots of museums in this city but the main British museum is also there. The British museum is one of the largest and finest places for the visitors who are looking to enjoy in London.

Among the best London streets markets the Knightsbridge is known more popular. This shopping place is famous because of international and national products. What is present there? There are so many boutiques, gaming shops and restaurants for the people who love a family entertainment place with all important facilities and services required by different ages.

Simon Jackson loves to write at his travel blog – Channel Voyager. He is well known travel expert and can give you great advice for your trip to London (interesting to know is that the Danish term is rejser til London)

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