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Toyota Corollas – The All Around Classic Compact Economy Car

When the now staple all around economical and fun to drive Toyota Corolla was introduced to the  auto market and motoring public it creates  such an explosion that this was able to make a record high sales figure of almost thirty millions of units its  initial years. The main attraction offered by this Toyota model is its design and style that are both uniquely highly modern, advanced which almost seems to mesmerize even the most staid of auto buyers.  And yet all in what is considered a basic “economy compact 4 cylinder car”.

Upgrades & Enhancements in the Latest 2012 Toyota Corolla Models:

The latest lineup of Toyota Corolla only offers several new things which differ from its forerunner Toyota model. Among the new offerings are enhanced security controls, telescopic design of the steering wheel, and five different trim levels. The typical Toyota traits are still displayed by this model and that include fuel consumption that is very efficient, engine noise production that is very minimal and a pleasant riding experience both for the passenger and the driver.

Base Model –  Corolla CE:

The Base model of Toyota Corolla displays flexibility with two possible options for transmissions, namely the manual and automatic gearbox. Apart from this, other features displayed by this new model are wheels with fifteen inches diameter, a cooling system that is very efficient, power mirrors and the highly technological sound system. The speed capacity of this model is highly competent too with its four-cylinder engine that is 1.8 liter. Combine this with the torque level that is as high as 128 pounds and 132 horsepower. The fuel consumption of Toyota Corolla is efficient with a fuel economy that has been set by authorities at 26 mpg in city driving and much higher in main roads at 35 mpg. The security system posted by this model is very encouraging as well because of it involves the ABS break system, a stability control, confined active heads and the front and side airbags.

Upgraded Model:  Corolla LE:

The other model, LE, is given some advanced features like power windows and locks. There were also beautifully colored outside window. The efficiency of the engine as well as its construct is comparable to the Base model though. One more model of this Toyota Corolla is the S model that is more on the high end class as compared to the LE. Though the expensiveness of this model pays off due to the under chassis that makes it more aerodynamic and therefore more comfortable to ride on. For music lovers, the two additional speakers of the sound system can post very great advantages. The security system, engine specifications and fuel efficiency rate displayed by this model is as good as that of the Base’s and the LE’s.

Highest End Luxury Models of the Corolla Lineup – XLE & XRS:

The Toyota Corolla models, XLE and XRS are classified under the luxury category. The additional payment that will be incurred to the XLE model though gives a trim that looks fabulously elegant in the inside with a wood grain and luminous gauges. XRS in turn also poses additional attractive features that includes a sport suspension, colored trim in the inside, wheels that are seventeen inches in diameter and alloy-made and an amazing engine of 2.4 liters.

Norman P. Meadows

Norman is a proud owner of a 2005 Toyota Corolla in Vancouver BC

The car has 360,000 km and runs like a top – Surrey BC Langley Used 2005 2006 Toyotas low Km

Norman is resistant to getting a new car at this point – used cars and my Corolla just suit me fine

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