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Traveling the World? Get Your Passport

Have you been thinking that you just want to flee the country? Or maybe you want to do a study abroad, or you just want a break from the place that you work at. It happens to everyone. Before you leave on a trip, you should be advised to get your passport before you go. You don’t need a passport when you are traveling stateside or to even certain countries out of the US, but if you want to travel abroad, getting a passport is something that you should do. So how do you go about getting a passport? Here’s how.

First, you will need some things to help you get your passport.

1. A proof of citizenship (birth certificate). You need to make sure that if you were born in the US, you get your birth certificate. You need to get an original copy that is certified by the county, state, or city that you were born in. You can easily get your birth certificate by ordering it online through your state’s website. Be warned that it does take a couple of days to get it. You can get it send to you faster, but it will cost you more.

2. All your forms to get a passport are completed. Make sure that you have gotten all of your paperwork taken care of before you go get your passport. It will save you time if you have everything filled up.

3. 2 passport-worthy photos (you can get these at drug stores for about $10). Just make sure that you get them well before you apply for your passport. When getting these photos, you should know that you should go somewhere that knows how to take these photos. There are tons of different rules that you need follow with these pictures. You need to make sure that you look very close to your passport photo, because authorities will check these photos. You’ll be stuck with this photo for about 10 years (that’s how long passports last) so, try to make it somewhat good.

4. Money to cover fees (if you are over 16, it’s $100, and $85 if under 16).

5. Checks to pay your fees. One thing that is very important, that most people don’t realize until they get there, is that you need to pay with two different checks. One check goes to the Department of State, which covers your application fee. The second does to the facility you are applying at.


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