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How To Wash Fleece Blankets and Make Your Blanket Soft Again

A man taking a fleece blanket out of the dryer.

How To Wash Fleece Blankets

When the temperatures drop, you want something to keep you warm and cozy. Many people find that the ideal item to keep at home during the icy months of the year is a fleece blanket. Fleece blankets have many advantages. They offer warmth without bulk, softness, and come in a variety  of colors that go with any decor. This makes it easy to store the blanket in a small, convenient space. You’ll want to keep your fleece blankets in the best possible condition. Washing a fleece blanket makes it possible to remove dirt, spills and any keep them looking great. Many people are unsure how to wash fleece blankets. Keep in mind that you will need use techniques that allow for washing a fleece blanket in a manner that preserves the structure of the blanket. The right way of washing a fleece blanket enables the blanket to avoid pilling and remain soft and functional all year long.

1. Pre-Treatment For All Stains on Fleece

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The first step for those who are wondering how to wash fleece blankets is to begin with a regimen for stain removal. Dish washing liquid is ideal for washing a fleece blanket. Look closely at the blanket. You’ll want to locate any visible stains. Take a few drops of the dish washing liquid and apply it to all the stains you see. Let sit for at least ten minutes. Then take a paper towel and apply to the areas you added the soap. Do not blot or you may damage the delicate fibers when washing a fleece blanket. This will help you remove any existing stains that may not have been removed before. Those who know how to wash fleece blankets know this is an ideal first step.

2. Washing Fleece Blankets To Keep Them Soft

Those who are trying to decide how to wash fleece blankets may wonder if hand cleaning or using a washing machine is best. Washing a fleece blanket can be done by hand. However, many people find it easier and more convenient to use a washing machine. The washing machine can handle fabrics like these with ease. Keep the fleece blankets with other fleece items in your home, such as fleece jackets. Remember to wash with like colors. A gentle setting is best, if available. You’ll want to avoid stronger cycles as they they can harm the fabric of the blanket. You’ll also want to control the temperature of the water. Water that is too hot can also be damaging to the fleece. Look for laundry detergents that do not contain bleach. Bleach can damage the the blanket and cause pills. Fabric softeners are also best avoided when washing this kind of blanket. They have the potential to destroy the delicate fibers. Many fleece blankets have a water repellent feature added when the blanket is made. The fabric softener may accidentally damage this feature and make it hard to dry the item as well.  Here are some more ways mto keep blankets soft.

3. Drying A Fleece Blanket

A man taking a fleece blanket out of the dryer.

Fleece blankets are typically very large items. When it comes to drying, the age old line drying tradition is best here. However, although hanging them out to dry is ideal, it is not always possible. In that case, drying them in a dryer is okay too. Remember to keep the blankets on low heat with a gentle cycle as high heat can damage the fleece. As soon as it is done, take it out of the dryer and fold it. Folding the blanket immediately will prevent any wrinkles. If the blanket is too puffed up, smooth it out with your hands. Ironing can melt the fabric and leave unwanted marks.

4. Store Fleece Properly

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If you don’t have to use the blanket now, store it immediately. Fold and insert a dryer sheet in the folds at the end. This is the best way to store your fleece blankets when they are not in use.

How To Wash Fleece Blankets and Make Your Blanket Soft Again
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How To Wash Fleece Blankets and Make Your Blanket Soft Again
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