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Weight loss tips for the willpower challenged

If you are having trouble dropping those last 5 pounds here are a few simple tricks for cutting calories without feeling like you’re on a diet.

Grab a snack in the afternoon

According to a recent study, women who grabbed an afternoon snack lost 57% more weight than those who snacked in the morning. The time between lunch and dinner can be 6 or 7 hours so having a snack can keep blood sugar levels stable and prevent overeating at supper.

Eat an apple

Women who eat one or two apples a day have been known to lose 3 pounds of body fat without making any other dietary changes as long as they ate the peel. Apple peels contain ursolic acid, a compound which helps your body produce lean muscle which in turn helps your body burn fat.

Get some sunshine

Doctors have found a link between vitamin D and weight loss. Women who get 20 minutes of sunlight a day get enough vitamin D to latch on to fat cells and release them to be used as energy allowing them to lose twice the weight in half the time.

Drink more water

Keeping a big glass of water by your bed can reduce morning overeating as many of the early cravings are caused more by dehydration than by actual hunger. Just 12 ounces first thing in the A.M. can reduce food cravings for up to three hours.

Add a little spice

According to a study, people who eat flavorful meals made with mustard, peppers or hot sauce feel fuller on 200 less calories a day than those who pile on the bland food. That can add up to 18 pounds a year.

Keep sweets out of sight

“People are naturally food suggestible, which makes them feel genuinely hungry for it,” say Dr. Tom Kersting. Placing unhealthy snack and sweets out of site, like on a high shelf or in the refrigerator crisper can cut snacking by 41%.

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