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Why Brides Are Turning to the Internet to Plan Their Weddings

How long has it been since you sent or received a letter?  Not an email, an honest to goodness letter complete with envelope and stamp?  It has probably been a very long time and though we may wax nostalgic when it comes to the thought of wax seals and scented stationary, the fact is, we now live in a world of electronic communication where exchanges of information occur instantaneously.

In fact, thanks to the internet, not only can we communicate instantaneously; with individuals from the all over the world; we can also take care of almost every kind of transaction online as well.  From renewing our driver’s licenses to ordering pizza and checking on store hours, the internet has become second nature to nearly everyone, which is why it should not come as a surprise that more brides are shifting towards the internet in order to plan their weddings.

From wedding dresses to limousine services and honeymoon travel packages, nearly everything you could possibly want or need for a wedding is available online.  In fact, there are so many choices it is easy to get overwhelmed.  In response to this trend, a whole new industry has infiltrated the market, that of online planning sites for weddings.

These sites are usually free of charge (most of them depend on advertising for their revenues) but they can serve as a much needed organizational tool for today’s busy bride.  These sites allow for the bride (or the couple) to organize all the information they collect regarding their wedding.  Many of them provide “to do” lists and calendars to make it easier to organize everything that needs to be done and allow for the bride and groom to bring all of their website planning together in one place.  Many of these sites even include tips for saving money on your honeymoon or links to articles on wedding planning and blogs that will keep you up to date on the very latest news from the wedding front.

Of course these sites are not a bride’s only choice when it comes to online wedding planning.  There are also wedding registry sites that serve as wedding planning sites and have tons of tools available for the bride to use when planning out what needs to be done before the big day.

Regardless of what sort of site you use to get yourself organized, the fact is that by doing your wedding planning on the internet, you can not only rest assured that your plans will not mysteriously “disappear” because you lost your notebook or because your computer crashed (an absolutely terrifying thought), but you can stay abreast of the very latest trends and sales and discounts so that you can make sure that not only is your wedding absolutely perfect from start to finish, but that you stay within your budget as well.  Besides, it also gives you the option of looking busy at work when you’re really updating your wedding registry or checking out the availability of the DJ your fiancé really wants to have at your reception.

Time.  Energy. Money. You can save it all by planning your wedding online, and that’s the realization that is behind the increase in brides who are taking advantage of all the wedding planning options that the internet has to offer.

This article was written by Sarah Rigos, founder of online cash registry Starlight Registry.

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