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Totes: The Most Versatile Fashion Accessory Around

Among all the fashion accessories, totes are perhaps the most convenient way to express your personal taste. They come in an incredible array of fabrics, sizes and designs. These handbags change with the tide of fashion to a certain extent, but can generally be carried from season to season.

Unlike clothing, you can wear them even when you gain or lose weight. Like shoes, they tend to accumulate in your closet over the years as souvenirs of various life stages. A tote will always fit, and when cared for properly, will likely last nearly forever.

Totes as a fashion statement

A bold tote is also a great way to add a splash of colour or flair to whatever you’re wearing. Even the tamest outfit can usually stand up to a gorgeous cherry red bag or quirky pattern. If you long to try out a loud animal print but have no desire to look like a walking advert for a fashion trend, a tote may be the best way to experiment.

What to consider when choosing a new tote 

Investing in a luxe handbag is also a little less frightening than putting a lot of money into clothing. The detail that goes into crafting a high-quality tote alone makes it worth the money. Heavy-duty stitching, top-notch design and beautifully branded plaques make it clear that attention to detail is top priority with many high-end tote bags.


The wide range of available textiles make expressing your style easy. Luxurious buttery leather, casual nylon and durable coated canvas let you show off different facets of your fashion style. In addition to self-expression, these fabrics adapt to your lifestyle. From work to the weekend, formal to fun, your tote moulds to your busy life.


The tote is an incredibly versatile accessory. Once thought of as a way to haul your gym clothes, it’s now a staple in the closets of the chicest women. Major designers create stunning versions, proudly weaving branded plaques onto the front of their wares.


Totes help busy women manage their lives, with multiple inside pockets and weather-resistant but beautiful exterior fabrics. It’s hard for some to imagine getting through a long day without a large handbag to carry electronic devices, paperwork, cosmetics and the other tools that make balancing work and life a little easier.


Whether you need a bag with multiple compartments or something more simple, you’re sure to find myriad options. From business-friendly to street-smart, designers are paying attention to the demand for a wide variety of tote bag options.


From fashionistas to those who just want a functional yet attractive bag, women from all walks of life express themselves through their favourite tote bags. Couture magazines and street-style blogs alike show photos and adverts of glamourous types and their edgier counterparts sporting attention-getting yet functional handbags.


You don’t have to be wealthy or avant garde to enjoy the form-meets-function versatility of the tote. You can, however, take a cue from your favourite style icons and pick up one of the amazing totes available from a plethora of top designers. You’ll cherish it for decades to come.


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