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5 Most Common Reasons for Car Insurance Claims

Many car insurance claims are filed each day. Insurance companies hate it when this happens because it could cost them money. Most insurance claims deal with damage caused by another driver. However, there are many common reasons why someone may decide to make use of their insurance policy.

Property Stolen Out Of A Car

Having a comprehensive car insurance policy comes in handy if something is ever stolen out of your car. Burglary is one of the most common instances when an insurance claim is made. Money, stereos and GPS devices are among the most common items that are stolen from cars.

A Falling Object Hits Your Car

Parking on the street can be dangerous for your car in the event of severe weather. A tree limb or power line could snap off and crash onto your car. Any damage caused by a falling object could be covered by your insurance policy. It is advisable to park your car indoors if at all possible during times of inclement weather.

Your Car Gets Rear Ended

Another motorist may not have noticed you stopped for a red light. He runs into the back of your car as a result of his lapse in attention span. This is one time where many motorists will file a claim with their insurance company. Replacing your bumper is going to cost you a lot of money otherwise. Medical costs should also be reimbursed through your insurance company.

Glass Damage Can Happen To Anyone

A cracked windshield is a common occurrence. Tiny pebbles hit your car all the time while you drive. Those tiny pebbles can create miniature cracks in the glass. Miniature cracks in the glass could one day become a major crack. Fortunately, any damage to your glass is covered by your insurance policy.

Parking Lots Are Breeding Grounds For Accidents

Dings, scratches and dents are common when you drive in a parking lot. The high number of cars in any given lot increase your chances of getting into an accident. Foreign objects in the lot such as shopping carts also increase the likelihood that something makes contact with your car Dealing with the car insurance company is never fun. However, there are times when you need to file a claim. Cracks in your windshield, shopping carts rolling around in the parking lot and inattentive drivers on the road are all reasons to call your insurance company. You may not be able to afford not to file claim.

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