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Why Men and Women are Such Vastly Different Drivers

It’s well documented that men are involved in more accidents than women. Because they are a higher risk, insurance companies charge more for male drivers. There could be some level of bias causing the higher accident rates for men. They may drive more often in general. In relationships, men may take the wheel more often when the couple ventures out.

Despite the possible statistical bias, studies conclude that women are be safer drivers than men because of their personality traits. Male drivers are more likely to get into serious auto accidents because they are generally more aggressive than women. When women get into accidents, it’s usually a minor fender bender or a parking lot accident; men are much more likely to be involved in deadly single-car or multi-car collisions.

Why Men Have More Accidents

A psychological study suggests that men are more impulsive than women. They are also less likely to be dissuaded by punishment. In other words, men are more likely to behave impulsively without thinking about possible consequences, leading to greater risk taking.

In addition to greater impulsivity, men are more likely to be competitive. Another psychological study completed in the United Kingdom suggests that men account for 72 percent of all arrests and over 80 percent of violent crimes worldwide. Men are also more likely to take drugs, an obvious danger behind the wheel. They’re also less likely to wear seatbelts.

Examples of the impulsive and aggressive behaviors often observed in male drivers include cutting people off, running red lights, tailgating and speeding. The behavior patterns and driving styles lead men to be three times as likely as women to be involved in collisions.

Ironically, these aggressive driving behaviors may be one reason men are more likely to drive the family car than their spouses. Women may be nervous in traffic and prefer a man’s more confident driving style, or the man may become too impatient with his more cautious mate and demand to drive.

What Can Be Done About It?

Of course, not all men are the same, and some exhibit a limited range of these risky behaviors. Not every man is a bad or reckless driver and many can go their entire lives without causing a car accident. As a whole, however, men are more likely to wreck. Although this could change over time, the gap between male and female drivers remains wide today and shows no clear signs of narrowing.

Fortunately, car insurance rates are still calculated based primarily upon an individual driver’s record, so a man with a safe driving history is still able to get affordable premiums. Men may do well to take a defensive driving course and focus on safe driving habits as a way to obtain the best insurance rates. The can also choose safe vehicles such as minivans rather than a flashy sports car. This will help keep car insurance affordable without having to hand the keys over to the wife or girlfriend.


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