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How To Extend the Lifespan of Your Furniture


Sometimes, it’s hard not to make a connection with inanimate objects. Whether your emotional bond to your home’s furnishings stems from the adventure you took to discover them or the memories of using them, they can hold and represent valuable meaning. Once you’ve made your connection or found your dream décor piece, you may find that letting go isn’t an easy task. Hold onto your favorite home pieces with these tips on how to extend the lifespan of your furniture.

Routine Maintenance

Wear comes naturally the more you use any item. Unfortunately, your beloved furniture probably happens to be what you use most often. Conducting routine maintenance on your furnishings increases their longevity and maintains their quality longer. The way you maintain your wooden furniture often differs from how you care for fabric-based items. Depending on the piece, the type of maintenance required varies. Typical furniture maintenance often includes adding finishes, patching holes, and oiling joints, among other processes.

Storage Solutions

Moving is no easy feat. It takes up lots of time and induces stress. On top of that, transporting numerous goods has its own list of concerns. Furniture often finds itself stuck in storage for a period while you move. Proper storage ensures your furniture stays in its current quality, decreases potential damage risks, and protects it from the harm of collected dust and mold. Use furniture coverings, wrap fragile items in protective materials, and create ideal room climates or opt for climate-controlled storage solutions. Doing all this will help you protect your stored furniture.

Cleaning Protocols

Spills, stains, and scuff marks tend to hinder furniture’s appeal and visual appearance. Like most people, you might be guilty of ignoring the specific cleaning protocols on your furniture’s label or care manual. However, those instructions serve a vital purpose. They provide you with the best-proven way to clean and care for your furniture pieces. Whether you’re removing stains from sofas or cup rings on wood, cleaning your furnishings ensures everything stays in top condition over time.

Added Protectors

Although pets and children make adorable and wonderful additions to many homes, they can test the durability limits of your furniture. And if you have clumsy tendencies, some form of furniture protection and covering comes in handy. Your furniture can be vulnerable to everything from accidental pen markings and spills to fur and paw scratches from your furry friends. That’s why sofa and couch slipcovers are valuable. They act as a barrier between outside harm and your beloved furnishing. Some other types of furniture protectors include tablecloths, felt pads (which also protect your floors), waterproof coverings for outdoor pieces, and claw shields.

Understanding how to extend the lifespan of your furniture ensures that you can keep your favorite pieces with you for more life chapters. It can also keep them in quality, marketable condition if you want to let them go in the future. Like most things, a little love, care, and attention go a long way, and they’re just what your furnishings need to stand the test of time.

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