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Safe Travel Tips: Avoid These Athens Tourist Scams

While you are in Athens, it is important to be aware of the common scams that locals use to trick unwitting tourists out of their money. While Athens is a generally safe city, like any European tourist locale it will have its share of scammers. These annoying tricksters don’t have to detract from your enjoyment [...]

Traveling Guide: Helpful Travel Tips For The Avid Traveler

Traveling can come with its fair share of troubles.  Being prepared is the best thing you can do for yourself and your vacation.  Whether it be emergencies or theft, having a game plan ahead of time can save you some time and trouble.  Researching before you leave, as well as talking to some locals is [...]

27 Tips For First Time Travelers To Africa

Africa is one travel destination that should figure prominently in your list of must-see places before you die. This beautiful, complex, wild, natural and unbeatably rich in natural resources nation has enticed people from all over the world to visit time and again. If you’re visiting Africa for the first time, you’re to be congratulated. [...]

The Night Life in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, Monaco’s glitziest jewel is nestled atop Mount Charles, overlooking the azure Mediterranean Sea, and is known as the playground for the rich and famous. The place to visit for glamour, gambling, and hobnobbing with the stars, Monte Carlo has no shortage of evening activities for those that like to live life to the [...]

Wildlife Adventures for Your Next Family Vacation

With your family opting for a bit of adventure while on vacation, not to mention their demands to record the entire season of Shark Week and insist upon frequent trips to the zoo, it’s no surprise that wildlife tourism is at an all time high. It might be an opportune time to bring your children’s [...]

Visiting the Arab Nations

See the beauty of Egypt and Jordan Sometimes, it takes one man’s desperate and drastic choice to spark an awakening. Ever since a man burned himself in protest of the oppression of the Tunisian government in December 2010, various revolutions have erupted across the Middle East. These pro-democracy movements are known collectively as the Arab [...]

Tenerife – The Island’s Vibrant South

Catering to European holidaymakers since the package tour explosion of the 1960s, Tenerife has continued to develop and now offers something for all types of tourist. Overdevelopment has been detrimental to the original ambience that was first sold to visitors to Tenerife in the early days, but large numbers of visiting couples, families and groups [...]