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How to Start Exercising

How to Start Exercising
How to Start Exercising

It’s hard…at first, both mentally and physically but if you are interested in losing weight then you will need to learn how to start exercising. Many people will avoid exercising as they don’t know how to start. Or they will try and it will not be pleasant and so they’ll stop. They will look up how to start exercising and never really progress with it. It is a good idea to start with this article and put an exercise plan into motion.

Exercising tips for someone who is learning how to start exercising!

When you are starting to exercise it is important to just start. Doesn’t matter what you do, just start. Personally, when I was at that juncture, I went for a walk every single day. Even if I did other types of exercise that day, I would never miss my walk. I formed a habit and after time it got easier. Sometimes beginning isn’t so hard, especially during the New Year.

In the New Year, fitness is in the air and many people are motivated to make a change. But it’s very common to hit those roadblocks (big and small), in the beginning. Either you have mental and emotional stress weighing you down, reminding you that you’re way too tired to do this or your body feels too sluggish. Well, it’s normal for you to feel that way in the beginning.

It’s also common to feel terrible after the first few times of a real, hard work out. Many people feel like throwing up and many people get sore. I mean, really sore, like they feel like they can’t walk or move their arms, sore. But, if you stick with it, that initial shock to your body goes away! Soon, you’ll be able to get through a workout without feeling like puking and passing out and you may even kind of start to like that sore feeling because you’ll recognize that it’s a sign that you really made a difference during that workout. Of course, you want to take it easy so that you’re not an early burnout.

Exercise Goals

Begin by assessing the exercise goals that you have and avoid pushing yourself to do too much too fast. There are a few ways to make it fun in the beginning. You can develop a long-term goal for yourself that is several months away and ease into that goal slowly and with a measured plan (but remember plan or no plan, just start). Avoid going too fast into an exercise routine and overwhelming yourself. This is an easy way to get yourself injured or frustrated with the exercise routine.

When I finally mastered my walk (I’d go farther and farther and would feel I needed something more) I started hiking my local mountain. First, I only went halfway and then back. Each day I’d go a little farther. It’s important to start slowly and move up from there. If you are new to exercising and completely out of shape you can begin by walking as I did or doing other non-stressful activities like swimming.

From here, begin to add in more stressful exercises and begin to pressure your body more. Try and do a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises to shed calories and build muscle mass and move towards a healthier overall body. It will take time and continue to switch up the exercises that you are doing to keep your body from being too routine.

The Next Step

Eventually, you will need to put stress on your body to achieve your goals and expand. After I reached the top of the mountain, my next goal was to run down (which was initially terrifying). After a while, I started to need more and that’s when I joined a gym. I started easy by doing cardio to replace daily exercise.

Then I added in strength training. Then, after several months, I added in some fast-paced classes (which was hard all over again) but eventually I could keep up! I’m back to the weight I was when I was in my early 20’s. Everyone wants to know what magic I use and I try to tell them, I just do something every day, whether I go for a walk or hike a mountain, I do something.

Weight Loss Tips

There are many people who will try to sell you weight loss tips. Don’t spend a fortune trying to get fit. It’s actually a very easy science to understand. After a while picking out healthy food and going for a run will be like second nature. There are only two things that work; diet and exercise. Try to keep it cost-free in the beginning. Make a gym membership something you earn.

Keep the importance of eating a diet of limited calories and following the above exercising tips of just doing something every day in mind in order to drop weight. Focus less on how to start exercising and simply start to do so by taking little steps and moving into tougher exercises to push yourself more and more. Be tough during those initial moments of mental anguish, fatigue, nausea, soreness and more. YOU CAN DO THIS!

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