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What is the Impact of Color on Consumer Behavior?

Product Photography (DEODORANT BODY SPRAY)Do colors actually have an impact on consumers? Is it possible to make people buy your product or sign up for your services based on the color of a button on your website? The answer is yes and no. Marketing research has been done on the psychology of color for years, but the results may vary. Ultimately, the effects of a particular color cannot be universally translated to a specific feeling, emotion or action because people have different, personal experiences with regard to color. Even gender and cultural differences play a role in how people respond to different colors.

However, one study notes that choosing colors for your company, business or brand that accurately portray the personality or emotions you want to convey or evoke from potential customers is a key factor in making your company stand out. You want something appropriate and memorable; something people will associate with your product or service.

If you are considering how color plays a role in your business, take a look at some websites you like to visit and ask yourself why you are a repeat visitor. If you like the way the colors look, or the design of the website, then you may want to do something similar for your own company.


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