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The Most Common Automatic Transmission Problems

automatic transmission problems

While we all love our cars, it can be frustrating when they aren’t working properly. A faulty transmission can cause many headaches, so understanding the most common issues and how to address them is essential. Let’s look into the most common automatic transmission problems and how to solve them.

Slipping Gears

This issue is one of the most common automatic transmission problems that car owners may experience. This problem occurs when your transmission shifts gears without any effort or when your car’s engine revs up, but the car doesn’t move. A worn-out transmission fluid pump, worn-out gears, bands, or a defective valve body can cause slipping gears. If you experience this issue, ensure your car has enough transmission fluid, then head to an auto repair shop for a proper diagnosis and repair.


Overheating means your car’s transmission fluid temperature gauge is in red. This overheating can stem from drivers neglecting to change their transmission fluid, a malfunctioning cooling system, a clogged transmission cooler, or a faulty transmission control module. It’s crucial to address this issue immediately, as an overheated transmission can cause massive damage to your car’s internal components.

automatic transmission problems

Strange Noises

When you notice an unfamiliar noise coming from your car, it could be one of the signs of a faulty automatic transmission. Transmission issues can make different sounds, such as knocking, growling, humming, and whining. For example, loud noises are one of the signs your box truck is failing, and you may need to get it checked out by a professional. Moreover, any strange noises coupled with slipping gears could indicate issues with your torque converter.

Delayed Engagement

Delayed engagement happens when the engine gets revved, but the car stalls before moving forward. A low level of transmission fluid, a damaged torque converter, or a worn-out clutch can cause this issue. If you’re encountering this issue, complete a drain and fill service to replace the old fluid with new transmission fluid, which typically cures shifting problems caused by low fluid levels.

Shifting Problems

Shifting difficulties have a variety of causes, such as a defective solenoid or a less efficient shift linkage. Moreover, when your transmission shifts from gear to gear harshly, there could be issues with your transmission bands or gears. If your car is experiencing rough shifting, it’s time to take it for diagnostic equipment testing to identify the cause of the issue.

Automatic transmission problems can cause a lot of frustration for car owners. However, by addressing these issues as they arise and having your car serviced regularly, you can prevent most of these problems. Routine preventative maintenance includes:

  • Replacing your transmission fluid at regular intervals
  • Replacing filters
  • Following your car’s recommended maintenance schedule

If you notice any of the above common automatic transmission problems, take them to a licensed, experienced mechanic who can help diagnose and repair them.

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